The sex of the baby is determined by the type of chromosome of the male sperm that fertilizes the egg.

Almost every couple has the same chance, that is 50 percent chance of having a son and also 50 percent chance of getting a daughter.

What determines the sex of the baby

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Getting to know the sex-determining chromosomes

The sex of the baby is determined by the type of chromosomes from male sperm that meet the chromosomes of the female egg. In addition to sex, chromosomes also determine the physical characteristics of humans such as eye color, hair, to height.

The combination of the X chromosome and the Y chromosome make up the male sex, while the combination of the two X chromosomes forms the female sex. Each sperm cell will contain either one X chromosome or one Y chromosome. While each female egg contains one X chromosome. When fertilization occurs, sperm containing both the X and Y chromosomes move quickly to the egg. But there is only one sperm with one of the chromosomes that will unite with the egg and become a fetus.

The baby boy or girl is determined by which sperm (X or Y) reaches the egg first. If the sperm with the Y chromosome first reaches the egg, the fetus will have an XY chromosome, so you will have a baby boy. But if the sperm with the X chromosome meets the egg first, the fetus will have the XX chromosome and become a baby girl.

Myths About Determinants of Baby Gender

Many suggestions for doing certain things if you want to have a boy or girl. Though these suggestions are not necessarily medically proven. The following are some of them.

    Eat more certain foods.

    Women who consume foods high in calcium, magnesium, potassium or certain vitamins are considered more likely to have a daughter. There is also an assumption that women who consume a lot of salty foods and meat are more likely to have a baby boy. But, these assumptions have not been proven scientifically.

    Yet to stay healthy and for fertilization to occur properly, women should consume various types of food. Limiting the consumption of certain foods and consuming more other foods puts you at risk of lacking the nutrients your body needs.

    Having sex with a certain position and time.

    Having sex with a man’s position at the top, is considered to make you more likely to have a daughter. While having sex in a standing position will better enable you to have a baby boy.

    There are also those who recommend having sex when it is nearing fertility or ovulation if you want to have a baby boy. At that time, the vagina and fluid in the cervix are in an alkaline or alkaline condition, making it more possible for the Y chromosome sperm to survive. If you want a baby girl, it is recommended to have sexual intercourse beyond ovulation.

    In fact, scientifically, the position of a particular sexual relationship does not affect the sex of the baby to be conceived. Likewise with the selection of time around the fertile period or ovulation to have sex. Precisely if one calculates the fertile period will make the opportunity for couples to have babies smaller.

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