Most women use the same bra or bra size for years. In fact, the size of the woman’s breast buffer will change at least as much as six times throughout life.

A survey shows, 80 percent of women wear bra with the wrong size. In fact, the use of a bra that is not appropriate not only cause discomfort, but also has a negative impact on health.

Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Bra

How to Measure the Right Size of BH

For convenience, it is important to know the right size and in accordance with the size of the breast owned. The breast size is divided into two, namely the size of the breast circumference and cup size. In the size of the chest circumference, the size of the bra consists of 32, 34, 36, and others. While the bra cup size, divided into AA, A, B, C, D, and DD.

To be able to find out the right bra size, here’s how:

  • Measuring chest circumference

  • You can measure with a gauge or meter. Extend the strap under your breasts and link the strap around your breasts to get your chest circumference. After that, increase 10 cm from the circumference of the chest that has been measured. If the results of your chest circumference are odd, then round them into even numbers with one size larger. For example, the chest circumference number shows 33, then you can round it to 34.

  • Measuring cup size

  • Stretch the meter right around your breasts. After that, you can reduce the measurement results with the size of the chest circumference that you previously measured. You can find out the right bra cup size to wear. If the difference is only 2.5cm, then your breast cup size is AA, for 5cm, your bra cup size is A, while for 7 and 10cm difference, then your bra cup size is C and D.

How to Recognize the Wrong Bra Size

Using a bra or bra that is too tight or too loose can cause pain in the breast. This is because BH cannot support the breasts properly during use. To recognize a sign that a bra is worn incorrectly, here are the guidelines:

  • Leaves red marks on the body

  • If this happens, the bra strap you are wearing is too tight. This can have a negative impact on health. Therefore, a bra that is too tight can limit the space in the upper back so that it can make the spine become stiff.

  • The rope moves down

  • If the bra strap you use often slips onto the shoulder, the bra strap you use is too loose. This certainly makes you uncomfortable right?

  • Breast protruding out

  • Breasts that protrude from the bra are a sign that the size of the cup or bra worn is too small.

  • Breasts protrude at the bottom of the rope which is wrapped around the chest

  • Not only poking out, the protruding breasts at the bottom of the chest girth are also a sign that BH is worn incorrectly. This can be a sign that the bra cup size and strap are too loose.

  • Experienced size changes

  • When weight gain occurs, it is not only the size of the pants and clothes that are affected, but the size of the bra worn will also change. So, if you experience weight gain, it never hurts to re-measure the right size of bra to be comfortable to wear.

Bra or bra size that is not right can also affect the health of the spine. BH that is too tight for example can cause the spine to feel stiff because it is difficult to move. If you experience cervicogenic headaches or back headaches, pay attention to the bra you wear. It could be that the headache that you feel is the effect of using the bra that is not right.

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