Do you often wear tight underwear? From now on you should stop doing that habit. According to research, there is a possibility that tight underwear can affect your fertility.

Many factors affect a person’s fertility level. Age, stress level, environment, nutrition and weight are some of them. Lifestyle such as smoking, consuming alcohol and using tight underwear are also thought to contribute to the quality of human fertility. More and more research conducted on this subject shows that lifestyle changes have a significant impact on fertility.

Tight Panties Affect Male Fertility

How Tight Panties Affect Male Fertility

To get quality sperm, the temperature of the testes must be lower than your core body temperature. That is why the testes are outside the body cavity to keep the temperature low or cold. However, the use of tight underwear can cause the temperature of the testicles to increase or become hotter.

Research shows someone who wears tight pants has a greater risk of experiencing decreased sperm quality compared with those who wear shorts that are fit or loose.

It is recommended for men to wear loose pants, if you want to have quality sperm to make it easier to have offspring. This also applies to underwear. It is recommended to wear boxer-type underwears as inner and outer pants that are not tight in order to keep the temperature of the testicles cool while making you more comfortable.

But quality sperm can not be obtained within 1-2 days after you start wearing pants that are more loose. The sperm that you produce today was formed about 3 months ago.

Tips To Keep Testicular Temperature Stable

There are several things you can do to keep testicular temperatures stable, such as:

  • Avoid wearing tight pants, especially if your activity requires you to sit for a long time. Also avoid tight pants when exercising.
  • Arriving at home, immediately remove your trousers in order to reduce the temperature of the testes.
  • Avoid soaking in warm water and saunas.
  • In addition to choosing the right underwear, a man’s fertility can also be improved by eating sperm-healthy foods. Foods that are good for sperm are foods that contain vitamin D, antioxidants, folic acid, zinc and selenium.

    Living a healthy lifestyle you also need to do, for example by not smoking. One of the dangers of smoking is a disruption in the reproductive system, which causes fewer sperm production. In fact, smoking can also make sperm damaged and affect its movements.

    In addition, excessive alcohol consumption can also affect your sperm. Research shows that excessive drinking of alcohol can trigger impotence and reduce your sperm production. Therefore, start to stop smoking and drinking alcohol for better sperm quality.

    If you have been wearing the recommended underwear and are living a lifestyle that can increase fertility, but the expected pregnancy does not happen, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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