Do you regret making a tattoo with the carving of a former spouse’s name or having been rejected by a company for having a tattoo, and now you want to remove it? If so, you can try one way to get rid of permanent tattoos that are relatively safer.

How to get rid of permanent tattoos should be done with the help of a doctor. But, do not over-expectation because tattoos are made aiming to stick permanently in your skin. Often the skin color can not return to normal, although sometimes there are patients who get good results after the removal process is done.

Three ways to get rid of tattoo permanently medically

Various Ways to Get Rid of Tattoos

Three ways to get rid of permanent tattoos are medically done using a laser, surgical removal of skin tissue, and dermabrasion.

  • Laser technique

  • How to get rid of permanent tattoos through laser techniques is the process of breaking the color of tattoos using high-intensity light. There are many types of lasers used to remove tattoos. Each type has different uses, such as YAG lasers and Q-switched rubies which are only effective for removing blue-black and red tattoos. This technique might not be able to remove the green tattoo. The initial process of removing the tattoo with a laser is to numb the skin with an injection of local anesthetic. Then, a laser device is attached to the tattoo to heat up and destroy the tattoo ink. After the laser process is complete, you may see swelling, blisters or bleeding on the skin. To avoid infection, the condition can be treated with antibiotic ointment. You need repeated laser treatment to get maximum results. It can be 2-4 treatments or even 10 times, depending on the color and size of the tattoo.

  • Surgical removal of skin tissue

  • In this procedure, a scalpel is used to cut and remove the tattooed area of ​​the skin. After that the edges of the skin of the incision are put together and sewn together to re-glue. Before this surgery is performed, the area of ​​the skin is numbed with an injection of a local anesthetic. After surgery, the incision area is given an antibiotic ointment to help the healing process. This method is considered effective in removing tattoos, but can cause scars, in the form of scar tissue on the skin so that surgical removal of skin tissue is more often chosen to remove small permanent tattoos.

  • Dermabrasion

  • This method uses tools that can erode the top layer of the skin. This process aims to fade the color of the tattoo. So as not to hurt, before the tattooed area of ​​the skin made numb. Unfortunately, because of the results that can not be ascertained, the dermabrasion technique is less popular at this time. In addition, the two previous methods are considered more effective than dermabrasion.

How to get rid of a permanent tattoo should be through consultation with a dermatologist. Ask about what method is right for your type of tattoo. Your doctor may remove your tattoo with laser techniques if you have sensitive skin. If your tattoo is small, chances are a skin tissue operation will be performed. Meanwhile, dermabrasion is chosen for tattoos that are shallower and if it cannot be done by laser treatment and surgery.

Generally, the cost of removing the tattoo is quite draining your pocket because the process is difficult. It’s good you know the price before deciding to choose one way to remove permanent tattoos. It’s best to avoid ways to get rid of permanent tattoos at home, such as using hot cigarettes or heated clothes hangers. Also avoid using tattoo peeling creams. These methods may not be effective and can cause your skin to become irritated or cause other dangerous reactions.

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