Standing for too long often makes your feet hurt. However, most people often ignore this condition, arguing that it will heal by itself. In fact, the soles of the feet should not be underestimated. It could be that the pain is a sign of a more serious health disorder.

To find out why your feet hurt, you need to know which part of your foot is sore. In addition, knowing how and when the pain arises is also very important to make it easier for doctors to make a diagnosis and determine the right treatment.

Soles Feet Can Be This Cause

Conditions That Can Cause Feet Sores

The soles of the feet can be caused by the natural structure of the feet. Disorders of various tissues in the leg, including muscles, ligaments, bones, skin, or nerves, can be the cause of the emergence of pain.

The following are common causes that can trigger painful feet.

  • Metatarsalgia

  • Pain such as burning or tenderness on the front of the foot is medically called metatarsalgia. This type of disorder will worsen if the sufferer often walks, is overweight, does strenuous exercise, and wears narrow shoes for a relatively long period of time. This disorder should be watched by the elderly because they are more susceptible to metatarsalgia. Most cases of metatarsalgia can easily be treated with pain medication, rest, compress it with ice, and use special shoes that can support the leg well.

  • Bunion

  • The appearance of a bone lump in the joint in the big toe can also be a cause of the pain in your foot. This condition, called a bunion, occurs when the big toe presses on the other toe. A common feature of a bunion is pain and reddened skin over the bulge of the big toe joint. The formation of a bunion may be triggered by the use of shoes that are too narrow. Other causes that may cause bunion are congenital defects in the structure of the foot or arthritis.

  • Sprains and strained muscles

  • Lots of complaints related to foot pain caused by sprains and strained muscles. This injury generally occurs when someone changes direction or speed suddenly, collides during sports, or falls. Pain in the soles of the feet due to sprains and strained muscles often causes swelling, bruising, pain, and limping. Someone who gets this injury is forced to limp so that the balance of body weight on the feet is maintained.

  • Gouty arthritis

  • Pain in the soles of the feet can also be caused by a buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints that cause inflammation. Pain caused by this condition often strikes suddenly with severe pain. The affected joint will feel hot and swollen. This situation does not usually improve even at rest. Gout needs to be treated with pain medications and ice packs. This condition is more common in men than in women. However, that does not mean gout can not be experienced by women. Women will be more prone to gout after menopause.

  • Rheumatid arthritis

  • Rheumatid arthritis occurs due to chronic inflammation which generally attacks the small joints in the hands and feet, and causes swelling in the joints. The swelling that occurs will be painful, and if left unchecked will result in bone erosion and joint deformity. This disorder occurs due to abnormalities in a person’s immune system. Besides joints, other tissues that can also get inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis are the skin, eyes, lungs, and blood vessels. Women aged 40 years and over are the group most vulnerable to this condition.

  • Calluses

  • The amount of contact with the ground or floor can make the lining of the foot thicken so calluses occur. Although this is a skin mechanism to protect yourself from friction and pressure, sometimes it actually makes the soles of the feet hurt. To prevent this, you should avoid shoes or activities that cause calluses. Use shoes of the right size and are comfortable to prevent calluses. For those who suffer from diabetes, this disorder should not be underestimated. Therefore, poor blood flow in diabetics can lead to complications, such as infections and ulcers, due to friction.

  • High heels and shoes

  • Women who like to wear high heels, support the body weight on the toes, causing pain. In addition to high heels, a mismatch between the shape of the foot and the shoes used can also cause foot pain or injury. Sports activities that use feet in high intensity can also make your feet hurt, especially if they are not supported by the use of appropriate sports shoes.

Conditions that cause the sole of the foot to hurt must be considered. Immediately consult a doctor if you already feel disturbed by the conditions experienced, either because your feet hurt when walking or because it is difficult to move.

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