In Indonesia, products and treatments that promise white skin will definitely be hunted down. White injection is one option that is often chosen to get it.

In general, the safety of white injections that can brighten the skin is uncertain. Products and skin whitening methods, which are carried out by injecting special fluids into these blood vessels, are considered to be at risk of causing infection to more serious injuries.

Smart Strategies to Avoid the Dangers of White Injections

Examine the composition of liquid used for white injections

This liquid contains vitamin C and is often combined with other ingredients, such as glutathione or collagen.

  • Vitamin C

  • This substance can help prevent wrinkles on the facial skin. Vitamin C is also rich in antioxidants to increase collagen production. Vitamin C can help make the skin look younger and eliminate scars.

  • Glutathione

  • This substance is an antioxidant that is produced naturally in the body. But as you age, glutathione production in the body decreases. Its presence in the body can inhibit melanin production. The more melanin, the darker your skin color. Not only that, glutathione also has benefits to ward off free radicals and maintain the immune system.

  • Collagen

  • In white injection fluid, the function of collagen is not to whiten, but to maintain facial elasticity. Just like glutathione, collagen is also produced by the body, but the amount can decrease with age. As a result, skin elasticity decreases and gives rise to traces of fine lines on the face.

Use of Doses Too Large

Basically the three substances used for white injections have their own benefits for the skin, especially two of which are produced naturally by the body. However, the use of doses that are too large will cause various problems.

Even though every day, an adult’s body only needs 40 mg of vitamin C. So, if suddenly there is an intake of more than 1000 mg in the body, it can have negative effects such as headaches, stomach aches, nausea, insomnia, diarrhea, flatulence, and kidney stones. That is why, injecting high doses of vitamin C, must go through a doctor’s supervision.

Then the use of gluthatione in high doses, especially through injection methods can have a negative impact on your health. High glutathione levels may have antioxidant effects, but have the risk of affecting overall bodily functions, if the use of high doses is done in the long term.

Collagen injection into the body in large quantities, especially if done in the long run, may have negative side effects on the body. Until now, research on the long-term effects of collagen injection into the body has not been adequate.

Safe Ways to Do White Injections

If you want to brighten the skin with a white syringe, do it with a safe route. Here are tips you can do to get bright skin according to your dreams through the white injection method:

  • Choose competent doctors

  • This is the most important factor when you decide to have a white injection. Only trained professional doctors can administer this injection. So avoid entrusting your body to be injected by beauty salon workers who often provide white injection packages, especially at low prices.

  • Allergy test

  • Your doctor will check your medical history before taking any medical action. If you have gout, kidney disease, liver disease, or other chronic diseases, your doctor will warn you about the risks that can occur from using high doses of vitamin C. In addition, a skin test will also be done to find out if your body matches the material to be used. Afterwards you are asked to wait to see if there is a negative reaction on your skin.

Compared to other skin whitening methods, white injection can indeed brighten your skin faster. However, also consider the risks, considering the ingredients that are injected into the body have high doses. Follow the procedures and recommendations given by the doctor, so that the white injection does not actually cause negative effects.

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