Placing a baby in a baby seat in a car or car seat with a special design, to reduce the risk of injury and death, up to 70 percent due to accidents.

It’s best to stop your habit of holding your baby while sitting in the front seat while driving by car. This has the risk of making the baby squeezed, bumped into the dashboard, or even crashed into the windshield, if at any time the car stops suddenly or an accident occurs. In addition, please note that a standard seat belt is not the right tool to secure a baby.

Safe Driving with a Special Baby Car Seat

Why Need a Special Chair?

Adult seat belts are not suitable for infants and children under the age of five (toddlers) who have much smaller posture. So that the standard seat belt will not protect, if at any time the car stops suddenly or experiences a violent impact.

So that babies and toddlers can hold their bodies, baby seats are needed in a car or car seat with a special design. The main objective is to minimize injury when experiencing a car accident.

Here are further reasons for the importance of baby seats in cars specifically for infants and toddlers:

  • Babies 0-1 years old

At birth, the weight of the baby’s head is about one third of the total body weight. These limbs become vulnerable because the skull is not fully formed, so even relatively small shocks can affect the brain. In addition, the ribs and pelvic bones that are also not yet stable make the baby unable to sit perfectly like an adult.

  • Children aged 1-5 years

At this age, the process of bone formation is still not perfect, so they need a special chair to protect bones that are not as strong as adults. Baby seats in this car are also to reduce the risk of bouncing in case of an accident. Some types of baby seats can be adjusted to adjust to the height and weight of the child.

Choosing and Placing Car Seats

When going to buy a baby seat in a car for toddlers, the things you need to consider are the age, height, and weight of a toddler. One more thing as an additional consideration is that the seat you will buy should be in accordance with safety standards.

One important thing when buying baby seats in a car for babies and children is choosing according to age. For ages under 2, choose a baby seat that is mounted on the back seat that has the opposite position to the adult passenger sitting position. In addition to reducing the risk of injury, it also prevents your baby from being exposed to an air bag which instantly inflates in the front seat. The type of seats that can be used are rear-facing car seats. More appropriate for use in infants with a maximum body weight of 13 pounds.

Then, for children aged 2-4 years or no more than 20 kilograms, toddlers can be placed in a chair especially with a forward-facing position. But still put him in the back seat. The right type of chair is forward-facing seats.

The next stage after the child has more than 18 kg, use a booster seat. Use this chair until you are around 8 years old. After that, new children can try to use an adult seat. However, check carefully whether the seat belt is right on his body. It’s always best to ask your child to sit in the rear passenger seat, rather than the front seat.

In addition, here are some other guidelines in choosing a car seat for children:

  • Pay attention to the maximum capacity of a chair. Do not place the child in a chair that is not suitable for his weight and height.
  • Make sure the size of the seat belt on the chair in accordance with his posture. The lower belt should be transverse to the upper abdomen, and the upper belt across the chest and not the neck.
  • Make sure the baby seat has a safety test certification label.
  • It’s better to use a baby’s seat in a new car, rather than a used one. Because it has a dangerous risk, because the possibility of hooks are no longer functioning or the belt has been loose.

To reduce the risk of your baby being left alone in the car, if you drive your own car, always put personal items in the back seat. So every time you get out of the car, you will check the baby’s seat in the back of the car, while not forgetting to bring your little one along.

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