Besides clothes, shoes and bags, cosmetics are also one of the things that are always on the women’s shopping list in general. Cosmetic expiration is important to remember to ensure that beauty products are still suitable for use. Well, if you do not want your skin to become problematic, it is recommended to store and use cosmetics that are still suitable for use and have not expired.

The cute packaging and attractive colorful cosmetics always tempt us to buy them. Regardless of how many cosmetics we have, did you know that cosmetics are not objects that can be stored forever. Just like medicine, cosmetics also have an expiration date, though not attached with a specific date. If it continues to be used after the cosmetic expiration period, then the results are not beautifying, but can cause irritation or worse, skin infections from fungi and bacteria.

Reasons for the importance of paying attention to cosmetic expiration dates

Over time, various types of germs and mold can develop in your cosmetic box. Wearing cosmetics that are old or have expired are the same as transferring the germs to your skin, eyes, or lips.

Other problems that may be experienced include digestive disorders due to sharing cosmetics with other people, for example when trying cosmetics in shopping centers that are not guaranteed clean.

What Causes Cosmetic Damage?

    Seal that has been opened

    Actually cosmetics that are still well sealed and stored at room temperature can last for several years. But once we open the seal and cosmetics immediately “come into contact” with the outside air, that’s when the ingredients contained in it begin to oxidize and decrease in quality.

    Bacteria from the hands

    Plus, every time we touch cosmetics, then indirectly we have transferred bacteria to cosmetics. Therefore, it is recommended to always wash your hands first before using any type of cosmetics you have.

    Air temperature

    Heat and moist air can also make disinfectants in cosmetics become damaged so that it helps the proliferation of fungus in cosmetics. For this reason, it is not recommended to store cosmetics in the bathroom. Store cosmetics in a dry place and not exposed to direct sunlight.

The Right Time to Get rid of Cosmetics

Not all cosmetics contain expiration dates. The following is a guide to determine how much time each cosmetic product has before it is no longer suitable for use.

    Mascara and liquid eyeliner

    These two products have the shortest life span when compared to other cosmetic products. In addition, every time you return the mascara brush or eyeliner into the tube, without realizing you have “put” bacteria into the tube. Replace these two products about 2-3 months. Use of eye beauty products that have been contaminated with bacteria can cause eye infections.

    Lip gloss and lipstick

    Just like mascara, lip gloss is also more easily exposed to bacteria. Change your lip gloss every six months or if it has a strange aroma resembling chemicals or wax, or has changed color. Lipsticks and lip pencils are safe to use for one year, as long as the color and aroma don’t change.

    Facial cosmetics

    Powder and all powder-based cosmetics such as eye shadow or blush, can be used for 18-24 months. As long as the color of this cosmetics does not change or give off a strange aroma, the condition is still safe to use. In contrast, liquid-based cosmetics such as liquid formations, can only last up to one year. The reason is, every time you dip your finger in liquid cosmetics, you increase the risk of your cosmetics being contaminated by bacteria which ultimately triggers acne or irritation.

    If you store liquid-based cosmetics at normal room temperature and are not exposed to direct sunlight, you can extend the validity period to one year. If the liquid foundation looks lumpy or too runny, then this cosmetic is not suitable for use.

    Acne medication

    Acne medications usually include an expiration date on the packaging. Acne medications that have expired will not work effectively. If stored too long, the condition has the potential to transmit bacteria and germs to the face which can actually make the face more problematic. Store anti-acne products in a cool, dry place to extend their use.

Cosmetic products are intended to beautify us. However, if the method of storing and using it is not right, there will be a risk of causing health problems. Understand how to store and the validity period properly so as not to give the opposite effect on our appearance.

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