Maybe you have heard a myth that states that pregnant women on a plane is something dangerous. Feared, it could have a negative impact on the fetus in the womb. But whether the assumption is true according to medical science?

Actually traveling by plane is quite safe for those of you who undergo pregnancy with a healthy body. But there are still separate rules that you must obey before traveling by air.

Pregnant Women Get on a Plane, Harmful

The first thing you must do before traveling by plane is to consult an obstetrician. This should be done even if you have a normal pregnancy. However, if you have a disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure or have had a premature birth, you must see a doctor.

You are also advised to check the airline policy regarding pregnant women boarding planes.

Although classified as safe, flying during pregnancy can increase the risk of:

  • Blood clots in veins and varicose veins. To minimize this, you can wear compression stockings or knee-high socks that are produced specifically for flights.
  • Miscarriage or disorders of the fetus. Exposure to atmospheric radiation when at a certain height can increase the risk of these two things. However, you don’t need to worry about these risks if you only travel by plane occasionally. This warning is intended for pregnant women who often board planes.
  • Oxygen in the blood decreases. This condition can occur because during the flight the air pressure decreases. But this will not risk the fetus as long as you have a healthy body.

When is the Right Time for Pregnant Women to Get on a Plane?

Whether or not safe traveling by plane is also determined by your gestational age. The right time to get on a plane is when pregnancy enters middle age or second trimester (around weeks 14 to 28). Why is that? At this time, you are comfortable again with your pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage and premature birth is fairly low.

While in early pregnancy or the first trimester of pregnancy, some women often experience nausea and fatigue. Surely it can interfere with your trip. Regardless of whether you are on a plane or not, the risk for miscarriage remains higher in the early stages of pregnancy, namely at the age of the first three months.

In addition, also avoid flying during pregnancy at the age of childbirth. Traveling at this age can be very tiring and make you uncomfortable.

Tips for Being Safe on the Plane

To keep the body healthy and air travel comfortable, do the following:

  • Consume lots of fluids so the body doesn’t dehydrate.
  • Wear loose clothes and make you comfortable.
  • Choose a seat that can give you plenty of room to move like a chair next to the aisle.
  • Wear and fasten the seat belt under the stomach.
  • Don’t sit too long. As much as possible take a short walk in the hallway so that blood circulation becomes smooth. If that is not possible, stretch your ankles while in your seat.

Pregnancy does not prevent you from traveling by plane. Although pregnant women on a plane are safe, you should not force yourself if the doctor does not allow you to travel by air.

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