The variety of food served by the restaurant indeed feels so practical and tempting. But you must be more observant in choosing a restaurant. Because, not all restaurants pay attention to cleanliness of the food served and cleanliness at the location of the restaurant.

For some people who are busy and don’t have time to cook at home, the restaurant can answer all their needs and satisfy their tastes.

One Choose Restaurants Can Be Dangerous

Make Sure Restaurants Meet the Hygiene Rules

Before deciding to dine in a restaurant, it’s good to pay attention to the cleanliness of the restaurants visited. The government through legislation issued by the Ministry of Health has actually set rules regarding sanitation of restaurant sanitation that should not be ignored. The regulation aims to protect consumers from things that might endanger health.

The regulation includes sanitation facilities that must be owned by restaurants, such as clean water facilities, toilets and bathrooms, hand washing facilities, trash bins, as well as cleaning and preventing equipment for insects and other animals. There are also hygiene sanitation requirements as a technical provision for restaurant hygiene in the regulation.

Tips for Choosing a Clean Restaurant

One that you can pay attention to when you go to the restaurant is the habit of washing hands. Every restaurant should set rules for good and proper hand washing, especially if after leaving the bathroom. If this is ignored, the possibility of food consumed by consumers is contaminated with bacteria or viruses.

In addition, other things that can be considered when choosing a restaurant such as:

  • Ensure that the restaurant you visit has a business permit from the Government and has a certificate of sanitation hygiene in restaurants and restaurants issued by the Health Department
  • Pay attention to the sanitation of the restaurants you visit as you pay attention to the cleanliness of the bathrooms. If the bathroom is dirty and smells bad, the level of cleanliness of the restaurant means it is not maintained properly.
  • In addition to the bathroom, also consider where to wash the restaurant’s hands. If it is not clean, the restaurant means that it does not maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant properly. Because handwashing can also be a place for bacteria and viruses to spread from one consumer to another
  • If you see rats, cockroaches, flies or other insects, you should reconsider eating food at the restaurant.
  • If the conditions at the restaurant, around the cashier, or around the restaurant are dirty, the conditions in the kitchen could be worse and dirty. So, reconsider buying food at the restaurant.
  • Note the cloth used to wipe the dining table is a clean cloth.
  • Cleanliness of tables, floors and cutlery must also be observed. If the tables, floors and cutlery are not clean, you might want to move to a restaurant that is more clean.

Not only restaurant hygiene that must be considered, you also have to apply cleanliness to yourself by making it a habit to wash your hands before eating. Also pay attention to how to wash hands properly to avoid bacteria and germs that might cause various diseases such as typhus hygiene, and diarrhea.

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