Generic drugs are types of drugs that have the same active ingredient content with patent medicines, also in terms of their use and formulation. Other similarities include the strength, dosage, quality, and safety of the product for the wearer.

Despite their similarities, generic drugs are sold at far cheaper prices than branded or patent medicines. The factor that most influences the low selling price of generic drugs is that they are sold without brands. There are also generic drugs that are deliberately not patented by the manufacturer.

No need to doubt the quality of generic drugs

Difference between Generic Drugs and Patent Drugs

The drug brand originated from the drug company that first patented it. With patents, drug companies can be the only company that sells the drug under the brand they created. The expiration of the patent validity period is done to eliminate the monopoly on drug sales.

With the loss of the brand, the costs incurred by drug companies can be reduced. One of the most siphoning funds is advertising costs. Generic drugs do not use advertisements for promotion, therefore the price can be cheaper.

In addition to advertising costs, funds that are no less great are research and drug development. The expiration of patents makes generic drug manufacturers just follow the steps of companies that used to have patents and can sell them at affordable prices.

What You Need to Know from Generic Drugs

Although generic drugs have many things in common above, the following facts about generics that we must know.

  • Composition

  • Existing compositions in generic drugs are not 100% the same as patent medicines. But certainly, generic drugs must duplicate the active ingredients in branded drugs. Which may be different is the color, taste, and other additional ingredients. The active ingredient itself is certainly very important because this ingredient plays a major role in the treatment of disease.

  • Security

  • The safety factor of generic drugs is one of the most highlighted. Low prices do not mean forgetting this important factor. Generic drugs must have the same level of safety as patent medicines. Generic drugs also have the same side effects as patent medicines.

  • Effectiveness

  • The effectiveness of the drug is influenced by the quality, strength, purity, stability of the chemical elements, and the absorption time of the drug. There is an assumption that the process of absorption of the body against generic drugs takes longer than patent medicines. In fact, this is not the case. Generic drugs have the same strength, purity, stability, quality, and way of working so that there is no difference when absorbed by the body. In other words, generics have the same effectiveness as patent medicines.

  • Use of production machines

  • Lower prices, making generic drugs often imaged as drugs made with machines with makeshift technology. That perception is wrong, because generics are also made using machines with the same technology used to make patent medicines.

When given a prescription drug by a doctor, the doctor will usually ask the patient in advance whether to use generic drugs or patent medicines. You don’t need to worry if your doctor prescribes generics for you. Even though it’s cheaper, generic drugs are just as effective as patent medicines for treating disease if taken according to a doctor’s prescription.

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