If all this time the foundation is known only as a make-up product, now available BB cream which stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, as well as CC or Color Correcting cream, to meet the needs of polishing the face and improving the appearance of facial skin.

Most womenfolk prefer to use foundation or foundation as a base layer. It has a dense texture and there are various types of color gradations that can be used for everyday use on different skin types, making foundation in demand among women.

More Beautiful with BB Cream or CC Cream

Understanding the Differences in Benefits

Over time, make-up products are increasingly developing. BB and CC cream becomes familiar to your ears. BB cream originated in Germany and has become increasingly popular in recent years in Asia, especially South Korea, after which it has been followed in Europe and North America. Meanwhile, colored moisturizers marketed as CC creams first appeared in 2010 by cosmetics manufacturers based in Singapore.

BB cream has a lighter texture than foundation, but is thicker than a colored moisturizer. Sometimes, BB creams contain SPF, but the main ingredients are antioxidants which help protect the skin against free radicals and pollution damage. You will also find limited types of BB creams. Usually, a cosmetics company only offers 2 to 4 color gradations from BB cream, while for foundation there are about 6 to 40 color gradations.

While the latest product that has just been launched in the form of CC cream or known as Color Correcting or Complexion Corrector is a formula that is lighter than BB cream or foundation in general. Most CC creams have a softer cream texture that is very mild and smooth.

The concept behind CC cream is to disguise differences in skin color on the face, redness, and hyperpigmentation by adding lycopene to help reduce the redness and provide vitamin C nutrition so that the face looks radiant.

If you have problems with your face, such as uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, and irritation, CC cream products can help these problems and also the results can be more effective than BB creams.

Choosing the Right Products Based on Age

Trying to find the right foundation product for your face is not easy. On the market, there are various products with various formulas offered. Knowing what is needed for your facial skin and understanding the benefits of each type of product can be the key to the right choice.

BB and CC cream are two different products to meet different consumer needs. BB cream is intended for consumers with a younger age, does not require color correction for the face, and feels sufficient with a thin appearance instantly, and has the benefits of SPF.

A review said, BB cream does not cover the pores or worsen the problems that exist on the facial skin, nor does it improve significantly. A cosmetics consultant said BB cream was concentrated on the purpose of refining.

If you want to use BB cream, you are advised to choose BB cream that contains anti-aging components (such as peptides, antioxidants, vitamins A, E, and also C), licorice and arbutin that can help even out skin tone, and contain SPF 30 or more.

While CC cream can help overcome a variety of facial skin problems as a whole, such as redness or pigmentation, but not as heavy as foundation. This cream is suitable for the skin of more mature people with such skin conditions.

One of the best ways you can do to maximize CC cream is to use it as a first layer before using foundation. With this, you can display beautiful skin colors while providing anti-aging benefits and maintaining facial moisture. You can also add a little powder on top of the CC cream layer on the face, this aims to provide a perfect look that will last all day.

After knowing the difference between BB and CC creams, you can now determine what products you need, to enhance the appearance of your skin. Try several types of products to see what works best for your skin, which texture is the most appropriate, and don’t forget to read the ingredients.

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