Many conditions can cause a person to complain of right back pain. So that the disorder can be overcome, it is important to know the cause and how to treat it.

Knowing the causes of pain in certain parts of the body will make it easier for us to overcome them. Remember, no matter how mild the disease is felt by the body, if left unchecked it will only make the disease worse.

Lumbago on the right appears because of this

Making sure the location of the pain is felt will also help you find out the possible cause. Right lumbago can occur due to a disruption in one of the organs located in this area.

Causes of Right Sore Waist Pain

Pain in the right waist can be caused by many possibilities. Some conditions that allow the appearance of right back pain include:

  • Narrowing of the spine

  • One of the most common triggers of pain in the right hip is narrowing of the spine. The most common cause is arthritis associated with increasing age. Problems with the spinal cord pads, or pinched nerves can also cause pain in the right waist.

    Right lumbago that is felt due to this condition will usually become increasingly active. This pain will subside when the sufferer is resting.

  • Kidney disorders

  • Each person normally has a pair of kidneys, left and right of the back of the body. If the right kidney suffers from pain, for example due to kidney stones or kidney infection, then the right waist will also feel pain. Kidney disorders that cause pain in the waist can be acute or chronic.

  • Injury

  • Joints in the spine, namely the bone bearing, vulnerable to injury, especially as you age. If this part is injured, it will cause pressure on the nerves around it, causing pain.

    This injury is usually felt when someone lifts an excessive weight. Right lumbago caused by this injury can last for more than three days.

  • Muscle problems

  • Like the muscles in other parts, the muscles in the back can also experience muscle disorders. Muscles in the back can experience injury and muscle stiffness. Symptoms that can appear are muscle cramps or muscle twitches that occur suddenly can not be controlled.

    Even the waist will be difficult to compromise when they want to walk, stand, and bend to make our activities limited. Exercise too hard can also be the cause.

  • Sciatica

  • Sciatica can be felt by anyone who experiences pressure or irritation to the sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve is the nerve with the longest size in the body that spreads through the back, pelvis, buttocks, to toe. If there is severe pain that runs along these innervation, then you may experience sciatica.

  • Bile has a problem

  • Bile is a part of the liver that functions to digest fat in the body. The location of bile is in the upper right abdomen.

    If the body’s organs are experiencing problems such as gallstones, the pain they cause may spread to the right waist. One of the characteristics of pain caused by problems in bile is that the pain worsens when the sufferer eats.

Because the waist has a very vital function in supporting the body’s activities, then never underestimate the pain in this section. Seeing the causes of upper right lumbago, some of which can be fatal if left unchecked.

Consult a doctor immediately if your right lumbago is accompanied by other symptoms, such as difficulty controlling urination or defecation, pain so severe that it is unbearable, weakness or paralysis in the legs and legs, fever, or nausea.

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