The brain is divided into two sides, namely the left brain and right brain. This very important and complex organ has certain parts with their respective functions in the body.

The cerebrum is made up of parts of the left brain and right brain which are important for carrying out human daily activities. Research shows, the left brain is more widely used for logical thinking processes and in language, while the right brain is more instrumental for intuitive and visual processes.

Know the Function of the Left Brain and Right Brain

Get to Know Left and Right Brain Functions Deeper

The existence of two hemispheres of the brain on the left and right underlie the theory of the left brain and right brain. If you think more methodically and analytically, that means your left brain may be more dominant. Meanwhile, if everyday you are accustomed to thinking about creative or artistic things, it means that your right brain can be more dominant. But actually, the two parts of the brain complement each other and both have an important role.

Based on the different functions of the right and left brain, there is a theory which states that a person can be dominated by the left brain or right brain and this then impacts on his personality and abilities.

Based on this theory, the difference if one of the functions of the right brain or left brain is more dominant in a person, can be seen from:

    Left brain

  • Better in activities such as reading, writing, counting
  • Think more about using logic
  • More expert in mathematics
  • More concerned with facts
  • Right brain:

  • Imagine a lot
  • Often daydreaming for ideas
  • Tend to like art
  • More often use intuition in understanding things

Is It Really Every Man Has A More Dominant Brain Side?

Many opinions related to the theory of the right brain and left brain and their influence on the field of human work. The theory states that each part of the brain controls different ways of thinking and each part can determine the characteristics, even the right type of work for each person. But whether the theory can be justified scientifically?

The results of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans do not indicate that one part of the brain is more dominating or influencing one’s personality. The results of research conducted by a neurologist, found no evidence to support the theory of the dominant right brain or left brain.

Both sides of the brain are connected and communicate. People whose left brain is more active have the same amount of nerve tissue on the right. Vice versa.

The study confirmed that each part of the brain has its own function. For example, the right brain is tasked to focus on following directions, while the left brain functions to carry out the function of language. However, that does not mean one side of the brain is more dominant. Thus there is no relationship between the right brain versus the left brain dominant on human personality types.

The left brain and right brain both play an active role for humans in undergoing their activities. Therefore, it would be better to maximize both functions synergistically, rather than sorting out their functions separately.

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