Oily hair often makes people feel disturbed. Having healthy and beautiful shiny hair is sure to be everyone’s dream, especially women. But what if your hair looks limp, shiny, dull, and unruly because it’s oily? Let’s look at the right way to deal with the following oily hair.

The scalp contains natural oils (sebum) produced by oil glands. Sometimes this gland works too actively to produce more oil. As a result, coconut skin becomes oily, hair looks dull, limp, and difficult to style.

It's Not Difficult To Deal With Oily Hair

Causes of Oily Hair

Overcoming oily hair must be difficult when you do not know the cause or how to handle oily hair. There are at least two factors that can cause oily hair and scalp, namely:

  • Hormone. One of the hormones’ actions is to regulate oil production in the skin and hair. If excessive, hormones can actually trigger the skin to produce more oil. High hormone levels can occur in adolescents, women who are menstruating, or women who are pregnant. One of the hormones that can affect excess oil production in the skin and hair is the androgen hormone.
  • Genetic factors. Oily hair can be inherited genetically from parent to child. If your father or mother’s hair is oily, then your hair is likely too.
  • Medical condition. Certain diseases, such as seborrheic dermatitis, can also cause scalp and oily hair. People with this condition will often complain of dandruff hair, reddish spots on the skin, accompanied by flaking skin that feels itchy.

Tips and Prohibitions for Overcoming Oily Hair

Healthy, shiny hair can be had by anyone, including you who have oily hair. Some of these tips you can do at home as a basic guideline for reducing or dealing with oil in the hair.

  • Washing hair 1 time a day, every day. Shampooing more than once every day will make the oil glands produce more oil.
  • Use a special shampoo for oily hair to clean the scalp without making hair dry and triggering excessive oil production. Ask your hair beauty expert or dermatologist for advice.
  • Try using aloe vera. This one plant can wash your hair clean and effectively reduce oil, so oily hair can be healthier, stronger and soft, shiny.
  • Washing your hair with a solution of apple cider vinegar (apple cider vinegar) and water, allegedly can help balance the pH level of your scalp.
  • Rinse hair with green tea. Green tea contains tannin which is thought to overcome excess oil while nourishing your scalp.

In addition there are also habits that we do with the intention of beautifying hair can actually be bad if it continues to be done, for example:

  • Using a conditioner at the root of the hair because it will make the hair become greasy. Simply apply on the ends of the hair then rinse.
  • If you have oily hair, avoid using oil-based hair care products. Choose hair care products, such as hair spray or hair gel, which are gentle to the hair and do not make hair greasy.
  • Combing your hair for too long. Combing too long will stimulate the oil glands to produce more oil.
  • Frequently straighten hair with a hair iron tool (flat iron). The heat from the hair straightener triggers oil production to protect the hair strands.
  • Likes to touch hair. The more hair is touched, the more oil is produced.

Some of the ways above can be a solution to overcome oily hair and care for the beauty and health of your hair. In addition, do not forget to ask for advice from a hair expert or consult a dermatologist, if oily hair does not go away.

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