Many people adopt a food combining or nutritional combination diet as a healthier way to eat. Actually what is food combining and is this pattern really beneficial for health?

Food combining that regulates eating patterns that have begun in ancient times. This habit rests on the theory that improper food combinations can trigger a number of diseases, accumulation of toxins, or disorders of digestion. While a balanced combination of foods will produce the opposite effect, which can cure a disease and nourish the body.

Is it true that a Healthy Food Combining Diet is Healthier

Food Combining Diet

In general, food combining divides food sources into several categories, namely acids (meat, chicken, dairy products, fish and wheat), neutral (fats, sugars, and starches), and bases (grains, fruit , vegetables and beans). In essence, the basic concept of food combining is how to make a combination of these food categories into your diet, so that the body does not produce excessive acids that are bad for the body.

In food combining, a combination of a number of foods should not be arbitrary because there are rules. One of the most commonly used rules is:

  • Protein should not be combined with carbohydrates.
  • Protein should not be combined with fat.
  • Carbohydrates should not be combined with acidic foods.
  • Protein should not be combined with other proteins.
  • Sugar should not be combined with other foods.
  • Fruits and vegetables should not be consumed together.
  • Fruits and milk should only be consumed when the stomach is empty.

Food combinations must also pay attention to the pH value. Because, pH provides information about how high levels of acids and bases in your body. A pH value of 0 means very acidic conditions, while pH 14 means very basic. Meanwhile, the neutral level is pH 7.

PH levels vary. Normal blood pH levels range from 7.35-7.45. If the pH of the blood is below 7.35, it is called acidosis, whereas if the blood’s pH is above 7.45, the blood is called alkalosis. Abnormal blood pH levels will affect the overall function and metabolism of the body. Stomach organs have a very acidic pH level of 3.5 or lower. It is intended that the stomach can process and break down incoming food.

Effectiveness of Food Combining

According to research, the concept of food combining does not have a significant effect on health when compared to a balanced diet. Even so, the principle of food combining to minimize consumption of carbohydrates and fats is not a bad suggestion. If you are trying to lose weight, applying a food combining pattern and a healthy lifestyle might help make your body weight more ideal.

Food groups that are recommended and avoided in food combining can be applied to keep the body healthy, namely: consume lots of water, vegetables, and fruits, and avoid consuming too much liquor, packaged foods, and sugar.

The basic concept of food combining has not been proven scientifically in improving the quality of health. You may apply some of the suggestions in the food combining concept. However, this concept should not be used as a benchmark in regulating daily eating patterns. If necessary, consult with your doctor or nutritionist about food combining and your health condition.

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