Many women crave thick eyebrows. There are various ways to thicken the eyebrows that can be done to enhance your appearance. Before you do, first understand the ways to thicken the eyebrows properly so as not to harm health.

Eyebrow composition can be modified to get a more attractive facial appearance. If you have thin eyebrows, whether due to illness, congenital birth, medication, or an error in previous treatment, do not worry, because there are treatment options that can be done as a way to thicken the eyebrows.

How to Thicken Eyebrows to Beautify Eyes

How to Thicken Eyebrows You Can Try

The following are some ways that you can do to thicken your eyebrows, including:

  • Natural ingredient

  • There are several natural ingredients that might help thicken your eyebrows, such as coconut oil, tea tree oil, and lavender oil which have been left for one night. This material is used before going to bed and rinsed in the morning. But the effectiveness of these ingredients has not been clinically proven as a way to thicken eyebrows that are good and safe.

    There is also castor oil or castor oil which has long been known to help grow eyebrows and hair. Castor oil is thought to contain ricinoleic acid which can grow hair, including eyebrows. How to use it is to rub castor oil on the eyebrows at night before going to bed, and massage for a while. Then rinse in the morning.

    But before using it, try first to apply a few drops of castor oil on the skin and wait for about 1 day to see whether there are allergic reactions, such as itching and redness on the skin. Stop using if irritation occurs or feels hot.

  • Serum and supplements

  • The use of certain serum and supplements is claimed to be a way to thicken the eyebrows. The serum that is allegedly able to help grow eyebrows usually contains biotin and peptides. Peptide is one of the chains of amino acids which are considered to be proteins supporting thicker eyebrow growth and making healthy hair follicles. Apart from being in the form of serum, biotin can also be consumed in supplement form. Biotin is thought to stimulate hair growth, including eyebrows.

    The effectiveness of biotin and peptides remains to be proven further. We recommend that you consult with your doctor before using any serum and supplements as a way to thicken the eyebrows.

  • Eyebrow transplant

  • How to thicken the eyebrows by transplantation method requires donor hair obtained from the scalp. This procedure is quite complicated because proper placement is needed, while minimizing the scar and avoiding damage to the existing eyebrows. The execution of this procedure takes about two hours. Before the procedure begins you will be given a local anesthetic to reduce pain. The planted hair will fall out due to new hair growth (anagen effluvium) and new hair will grow back after three months.

Maintaining Eyebrow Health

Having a beautiful eyebrow arch to support the appearance needs to be supported by daily care.

  • Complement nutritional intake

  • Several types of nutritional intake are important in supporting eyebrow growth, namely protein, vitamins, and minerals zinc, iron, calcium, selenium, folic acid, and copper. Food sources that can be consumed, such as low-fat meat, salmon, beans, avocados, olive oil, potatoes, mangoes, carrots, and spinach.

  • Trim eyebrow shape

  • When the eyebrows begin to grow, it is difficult to estimate the location of growth. You can trim your eyebrows to make them look thicker and more beautiful. Use a good quality eyebrow plucker and be careful when smoothing your eyebrows. If necessary, ask for help from an expert to improve the shape of your eyebrows.

  • Use eyebrow pencil

  • You can hide eyebrow loss and make eyebrows appear thicker by using an eyebrow pencil or special makeup that matches your eyebrow color

Attractive eyebrows can complement one’s overall appearance. Choose how to thicken the eyebrows safely. For actions that require medical expertise, you can consult a doctor to get information on how to thicken your brows according to your condition.

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