Dry hands are a common thing. Although not dangerous, this complaint often interferes with activities. Besides being unsightly, dry hands can also cause complaints of pain and itching due to irritation. But there are several ways to overcome them.

Hand skin that is very dry, rough, and cracked not only interfere with appearance, but also cause pain and pain for sufferers. This happens because the skin loses moisture. For example, because you wash your hands too often. Work can also be the cause, as if during this time the work makes your hands often exposed to chemicals that cause dry and scaly skin.

How to Take Care of Dry Hands So That It Does Not Make Embarrassed

Hand Dry Skin Handling


Always use a moisturizer after every bath, when going out of the house, after washing your hands, and before going to bed. Lotion that is rich in moisturizer usually contains glycerin, ceramides, fatty acids, and shea butter. If your hand’s skin is chapped, try applying petroleum jelly before going to sleep and using cotton gloves all night. Let petroleum jelly work to heal your skin.


If you travel to cold, dry climates, gloves can help prevent your hands from drying out. The air is too cold makes the body loses moisture faster and results in dry skin. If your dry skin is caused by work factors, make sure you always use gloves before touching chemicals that can irritate the skin.


Use sunscreen with SPF 30 or more every time you move outside the home. Sunlight can also make the skin dry faster.

Use Gentle Soap on the Skin

Unlike faces that produce more oil, hands and feet dry more easily. Use soft liquid soap and not bar soap, because bar soap tends to make the skin drier. You can also add natural oils, such as avocado or almond oil, to treat dry and chapped skin. Add a few drops of this natural oil to your bath to soak. Use warm water (not hot), and don’t take a shower or bath for too long. Avoid using scented soap.

Don’t Wash Your Hands Too Often

Washing your hands is good and can keep you away from bacteria or viruses that cause disease. But if you have very dry hand skin, you should not wash your hands too often. Use gloves when washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom. This also applies to hand sanitizers. This kind of liquid usually contains a lot of alcohol which can remove the body’s natural oils and make the hands dry and cracked.

Dietary habit

Food can also affect skin health. Avoid foods that are too salty, and make sure you drink plenty of water to maintain your body’s fluid levels. Increase your intake of foods rich in water such as green vegetables, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, and strawberries.

The hand is one of the busiest parts of the body. We use hands to do activities every day. Therefore, make sure you take care of him properly. If the above methods cannot make the scaly and cracked skin on your hands disappear, then you should contact a dermatologist to consult and get further treatment.

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