Many women do a variety of ways to shrink the calf because it has large calves and looks disproportionate, so it looks beautiful and charming. There are several ways to shrink the calf to help realize your dream of having the ideal calf.

Calves consist of gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. Large calf shape can be caused by several things, such as genetic factors, fat accumulation, or due to sports or activities that are heavy enough to increase leg muscle mass. If you feel disturbed by the size of the calf and intend to reduce it, you can do sports or undergo surgery.

How to Reduce Calves with Sports or Surgery

Sports That Can Help Shrink Calves

To get the calf you want, you can do some light exercise, and of course it is supported by a healthy diet.

Below are some movements that you can do as a way to reduce the size of the calf.

  • Jogging

  • By jogging, you can get rid of fat throughout the body, including fat in the calf and leg. Do jogging for 30 minutes every day that starts with brisk walking. Regular jogging can help you lose weight, lose fat, and reduce muscle mass.

  • Swim

  • In addition to jogging, the natural way to shrink your calves is to do swimming. The benefits of swimming are numerous. In addition to shrinking the calf, swimming regularly can also help maintain heart and lung health, increase endurance, maintain body weight to remain ideal, and burn fat.

  • Pilates or yoga

  • Muscle stretching can make calves look slimmer. You can stretch with pilates or yoga. Both types of exercise can help increase muscle strength, relieve joint pain, improve flexibility and posture, and maintain body balance.

Basically, movements in sports can help burn fat throughout your body, including fat in the calf area. You can also add a portion of exercise by doing calf muscle exercises so that the shape of your calves looks more beautiful and proportionate.

Liposuction as a Way to Shrink Calves

If you want a quick way to shrink your calves, you can do liposuction or liposuction surgery. This procedure is performed by a surgeon by making a small incision around the calf after the patient is anesthetized. The incision is made to insert a small tube (cannula) connected by a vacuum or a device used to suck fat from the patient’s body.

However, this fast or instant process can cause side effects. Some risks that can occur after undergoing liposuction for example:

  • Fat embolism.
  • Infection and bleeding.
  • Complications from anesthesia.
  • Liquid buildup under the skin.
  • Damage to nerves, blood vessels or muscles.

Shrinking your calves can indeed make your legs look better and can increase self-confidence. If you want to shrink your calves without any side effects, it helps you use a natural way to shrink your calves by exercising. It must be remembered, exercise as a way to shrink the calf must be applied in a disciplined and full of patience so that the maximum results.

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