Over time, brain function will decrease due to the aging process and the impact of adverse health conditions. Therefore, know how to improve memory the following, so that your brain’s abilities remain optimal.

Difficult to remember something or senile, closely related to aging. Sometimes, maybe you can just forget someone’s name, then remember later. Or, you forget to put objects that are usually worn like glasses. If you often experience it, see the review of ways to improve memory below.

How to Improve Memory and Concentration

Maintaining Memory with a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the powerful tips as a way to improve memory is to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some good habits to do so that memory can be maintained. Among them:

  • Pay attention to your nutritional intake

  • The brain certainly needs good food intake so that its ability is maintained. Eat foods such as green vegetables, fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids, green tea, and nuts, and foods that contain vitamins for the brain so that brain function is more awake. In addition, reduce or limit alcoholic drinks. Research shows that the habit of consuming excessive amounts of alcoholic drinks can adversely affect cognitive function (thought processes) and memory.

  • A time to exercise

  • Regular exercise is also considered as a way to maintain effective memory. Regular exercise can facilitate blood circulation in the body, increase blood supply to the brain, encourage the development of new nerve cells, reduce insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the release of biochemical substances that affect brain health. At least you are advised to do sports, such as walking, for 45 minutes three times a week.

  • Brain exercise

  • The brain also needs to be trained so that its ability is maintained. The saying goes, “the more sharpened, the sharper the knife”. This applies also to the brain. Some ways to do brain exercise are by filling in crosswords, playing puzzles, diligently reading, playing chess, testing memories by memorizing pictures, learning to play an instrument, and other strategy games.

  • Manage your activities

  • Very often someone forgets the things he put because they are placed in any place. Remember how many times you have to buy pencils, pens, or other stationery because you carelessly put them on. For that, try tidying life starting from trivial things, like putting things in place, writing a daily agenda, and throwing things that are not used. This will make your brain more focused so that memory is maintained.
    Also maximize the use of gadgets, calendars and alarms, to help remember your daily routine. So that activities are increasingly helped, set daily schedules to stay the same so the brain is easy to remember.

  • Get enough rest

  • Sleep plays an important role in maintaining focus and the ability to remember. During sleep, a person’s memory will rearrange information from things that have already happened. Enough rest will make the body fit, also avoid stress. Usually, adults need about 7-9 hours to sleep. In addition, quality and sufficient sleep can help the memory to learn something new, you know.

  • Active socializing

  • Do not break the relationship with people around you. Hanging out with friends, friends, and loved ones is one way to increase effective memory. Gathering with them allows you to be free from stress and depression. Both conditions are very closely related to the cause of memory loss.

  • Take care of myself

  • If you suffer from depression or other chronic diseases, such as kidney and thyroid disorders, then follow the advice and treatment steps from your doctor. If you can, keep taking care of your own needs. This method will keep your brain working to remember things that you really need.

  • Use medication properly according to doctor’s instructions

  • Ask for clear instructions about the medicines you take. Remember, some drug use can have an impact on your brain’s memory.

How to Increase Concentration

In addition to memory, concentration is also very important. Of course you do not want to make mistakes while working or doing important things because of lack of concentration, right?

Here are some ways to increase your concentration, namely:

  • Pay close attention to every information and thing you are doing. You cannot concentrate on doing something, if you do not pay attention and listen to what is assigned to you.
  • Prioritize tasks or priority things, and do one job at a time. This can help your concentration not be disturbed.
  • Make notes about what important things you have to do. This note can be your reminder.
  • Turn off your cell phone so as not to disturb concentration while working or studying.
  • Rest your mind for a while after some time working, to improve your concentration.

Apply the above methods as part of daily habits, to improve your memory and concentration. However, if your memory and concentration do not improve, or even decrease dramatically, consult a doctor immediately.

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