Raising and caring for a hyperactive child requires more attention, patience, and time. In an effort to encourage the development of these children, parents need to learn to manage children’s behavior.

It is normal for an active little one like having an inexhaustible energy. However, parents should be suspicious if this makes it difficult to control their activities and reactions to events around themselves. This situation could be a symptom of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

How to Accompany and Overcome Hyperactive Children

Children with ADHD can experience a lack of ability to focus attention (inattent) or can not be silent (hyperactive), and impulsive. Children with attention characteristics are easily distracted, often do not pay attention, and forgetful. While children with hyperactivity are often seen constantly moving, constantly talking, and difficult to be quiet and calm. Frequently interrupting other people’s conversations or activities, impatiently waiting their turn and not having fear of danger. Children with ADHD can be more hyperactive-impulsive or inattent, and can be a combination of both.

Accompanying Hyperactive Children

There is no drug that can cure hyperactive children, but this condition can be controlled or managed through appropriate support, education, and advice for parents and for children. In addition, doctors may also prescribe drugs to help control the symptoms of ADHD and recommend therapy.

If you have hyperactive children, here are some things that can help in controlling them.

  • Building a structured child’s life

  • Parents should create order so that the child’s life is calm and organized. You don’t need to be too rigid, just determine when to eat, bathe, sleep, and play.
    Giving instructions to children should also be structured, concise and specific. For example, “Please help Mother put the toy in the toy box and return the book to the shelf.” Give the child praise if he does it right.

  • Creating a regular bedtime

  • ADHD can cause sleep problems which can actually make symptoms worse. Many children with ADHD repeatedly wake up in the middle of the night so that their sleep patterns are chaotic. Creating sleeping habits on time can overcome this problem.
    Make sure the child sleeps at the same time every night and wakes up at the same time in the morning. Avoid playing computer or watching TV before going to sleep because it can interfere with his rest time.

  • Implement positive discipline

  • Try to always give him affection by appreciating or praising himself when doing good actions. Don’t just say thanks when he helps you, but also mention the effort he made. For example, like the sentence, “Thank you for helping the mother to wash the dishes.” In this way the child knows what actions are classified as good.

  • Invite children to move and exercise

  • Make sure your child does a lot of physical activity during the day. Walking, jumping around, and exercising are some good things to do. Adequate activities will improve the quality of children’s sleep at night. But make sure that they don’t do too much activity when it’s close to their break.

  • Fostering Healthy Family Relationships

  • Relationships between all family members play a large role in managing or changing hyperactive child behavior. Husband and wife with strong ties often find it easier to face the challenges of being a parent. Strive to establish healthy communication with children. If your child invites to talk, then you must respond calmly and patiently.

Overcoming Learning Difficulties in Hyperactive Children

In class, children are usually asked to sit quietly, pay attention, and follow the teacher’s instructions. But this is difficult for hyperactive children to do. They also find it difficult to concentrate and adapt compared to their peers. This condition can have a negative impact on academic progress and their confidence.

Nevertheless, do not be discouraged Mother. There are a few tips you can do to help your baby develop in school:

  • Tell the Little One’s special needs to the school so the teacher can determine the right learning method.
  • Focus on developing strengths and building self-confidence. For example, if your little one likes natural science, give him books about that science. Or if the child is good at painting, give support and facilities to develop these skills. Don’t forget to work with the teacher and the school.
  • Always meet and discuss with the teacher who teaches it.
  • Send children to school in special needs schools. Often parents are hesitant to put hyperactive children into schools with special needs, even though this option can help children’s learning difficulties.
  • You can also consider Focusing on the strengths of children, help to develop their interests and talents and build their confidence so that they can increase the chances of hyperactive children to succeed.

Hyperactive children need support from people around them. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to ask for help from family or friends. In addition, hyperactive children also need professional help, for example by consulting a child’s psychology. You can also find a therapist to help train your child.

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