Many people only rely on beauty products to deal with dull faces. Though dull face can be caused by many things so the use of various cosmetics is not necessarily enough to help.

A dull face often makes you insecure. Even before wasting a lot of money on treatment, there are many ways you can do everyday to keep your facial skin bright. Here are some guidelines to try.

Goodbye, Dull Face

Avoid smoking

Research has found that people who smoke more will look older than their actual age than those who don’t. Generally smokers’ faces are duller, wrinkled faster, and skin color is more uneven or striped. This happens because smoking can reduce blood flow to the facial skin and reduce collagen production so that facial skin looks dull.

Protect skin from excessive sun exposure

Dull and wrinkled skin can also be caused by exposure to sunlight on skin that is not protected by UVA and UVB rays. Protect facial skin by applying SPF 30 or more sunscreen, including when it is cloudy. In addition, limit activities in the sun between 10:00 – 14:00. If you are active in the sun all day, reapply sunscreen every two to three hours.

Use the right skin care products and not excessive

Using too many skin care products with different ingredients can actually cause irritation and no benefit at all. For example, the acid content in salicylic acid and glycolic acid from one product can actually damage the ingredients of vitamin C or retinol. In addition, frequent changes in beauty products also will not bring effective results. To see the results of using a product, the product needs to be used for a certain duration of time and cannot be expected to be immediately visible in a short time.

Here are some other tips about using care products to prevent dull faces:

  • Choose products that suit your needs and skin type (dry / normal / oily skin).
  • If your skin is dry skin, use a cleanser without alcohol and fragrance, then rinse with warm water. Don’t use hot water because it will get rid of oil on your skin quickly.
  • If your skin is oily, use warm water and an oil-free facial cleanser to cleanse the face.
  • Avoid using face scrubs if your skin is classified as sensitive.
  • Use a moisturizer every day to keep the skin moist. However, if facial skin with acne, use a moisturizer that is light and oil-free. Choose a moisturizing cream that contains glycerin and hyaluronic acid which can disguise fine wrinkles on the face.
  • Retinoids are said to be useful to help reduce fine wrinkles, increase collagen production, brighten brown spots on the face, reduce acne, and improve skin texture. Retinoids are generally only given by prescription.
  • Clean your face makeup every time you sleep to avoid clogging pores and acne.
  • Avoid sharing make-up with others to minimize the risk of spreading bacteria.
  • Use a special facial cleanser because in general bath soap contains ingredients that can cause facial skin irritation.
  • Except on dry skin, apply a scrub (exfoliator) at least twice a week to shed dead skin cells so that moisturizer can be absorbed by facial skin.
  • Use antioxidant creams that have been clinically proven to fight free radicals and contain niacinamide.

The thing to remember, while washing your face is to keep your skin clean, washing it too often can make your skin dry. Washing your face 1-2 times a day is enough for most people. Use a soft towel to dry the face.

Exercise and consumption of healthy foods

Fresh and healthy facial skin naturally can be started from the inside with the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, and regular exercise. Make vegetables and fruits a mandatory part of your daily menu and make exercise a mandatory activity.

Enough quality sleep and regular

Quality and regular sleep for 7-9 hours a day helps optimize the formation of growth hormones that encourage body cell turnover and collagen production. Lack of sleep prevents this process and makes the face become more dull and tired. But on the contrary, too much sleep is also not good for the skin.

Stress free

Dull skin is one of the most visible effects of stressful conditions. Make it a habit to manage stress and do routine recreation, relaxation, and meditation.

If done consistently and in the long run, a dull face can disappear by applying a healthy lifestyle and simple treatments for the skin, without the need for expensive beauty products. If you still feel there are complaints about skin beauty, you can consult with your doctor further.

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