Having tight and beautiful breasts is the dream of all women. But for some reason, the breasts become sagging. You do not need to be inferior if you experience this condition, because there are several ways to tighten the breasts that can be done.

There are several things that can make breast tissue lose elasticity, so the breasts become sagging. One of them is breast changes in pregnancy. During pregnancy, the breasts become fuller and enlarged so that the ligaments that support the breasts stretch. Stretching these ligaments can make your breasts sagging a few months after giving birth, whether you give milk or not. Other factors that can cause sagging breasts are smoking, increasing age, and being overweight.

Get to know a variety of ways to tighten sagging breasts

Tighten Breasts with Sports

Sagging breasts can be tightened by regular exercise focused on training the chest area muscles. This can be done in a number of ways which will be explained below:

  • First step

  • Lie on the flat bench with your arms straight up while holding the barbell with both hands, and both feet touching the floor. Lower the barbell down until it is parallel to the side of your chest, then lift it back to its original position. Perform the movement repeatedly.

  • Second way

  • The next move is the male version of push-ups. To do the male version of push-ups, place your palms on the floor at shoulder width apart. Then the feet rest on the tips of the fingers in a meeting position with each other. Make sure the body position is perfectly straight from head to foot.

    After that, lift your body using the strength of your hands. Then lower it back until the chest area approaches the floor, but don’t touch it. Repeat the movement several times.

  • Third way

  • Lie on the flat bench with both feet pressed to the floor. Straighten both hands up while holding a barbell. Then lower it with your arms outstretched, as if you spread your wings slowly until they are parallel to your chest. Then raise your hand back to its original position.

    The key to the success of the exercise above lies in the weights you use. It is better to use a dumbbell that is heavy enough so that the muscles in the chest area can tighten perfectly. When doing this movement, use a sports bra to reduce breast pain.

Tighten Breasts with Surgery

In addition to sports methods, breast tightening surgery can also be a way to deal with sagging breasts. One type of surgery that can be done is mastopeksi surgery. This surgery is done by removing excess skin around the breast while tightening the surrounding skin tissue. That way, the breast looks firmer and more beautiful.

It is best to consult a doctor first before deciding to undergo surgery. To prevent complications, before the operation, the doctor will advise you to stop smoking and stop taking certain medications that can cause bleeding during the operation.

Tightening the breasts with exercise is relatively safer when compared to surgery. Although rare, surgery can cause complications, such as bleeding, infection or the appearance of scar tissue around the breast. To get maximum results, you are also advised to always maintain weight and eat healthy foods.

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