Smoking is indeed often known to have effects that can make the body thin or maintain weight so as not to increase. This condition causes many people do not want to stop smoking for fear of being fat. However, this should not hinder the effort to stop smoking to be healthier.

The benefits of stopping smoking are numerous and significant. Smoking can prevent deadly diseases, such as strokes, heart attacks and various types of cancer. In addition, stopping smoking will increase fertility and sexual ability, making you look younger and avoid the danger of exposure to secondhand smoke, namely the people around you.

Fear of Increasing Weight because of Quitting Smoking

Reasons for Smoking Prevent Weight Gain

When you inhale cigarette smoke, your heart rate increases 10-20 times in one minute. On the one hand, this effect can cause heart disease. On the other hand, research has revealed that nicotine in cigarettes increases the burning of calories in the body.

Nicotine can also increase the speed of the body’s metabolism, so that it does not make weight gain. In addition, this substance can suppress, even reduce the appetite of smokers, which can also be influenced by increased levels of stomach acid due to smoking.

Weight gain can occur because when a person stops smoking, the body’s metabolism returns to normal. This change is actually a healthy thing, because the body is no longer forced to work excessively.

Ways To Easily Stop Smoking

People who stop smoking not only face the problem of addiction to nicotine, but also changes in taste sensation or taste something in the mouth. One expert said that people quit smoking tend to become more like the taste of food, because the sense of taste function improves and returns to work as it should. So that maybe you will gain weight because of too much tasting food.

To keep you from smoking, there are other, healthier solutions, such as:

  • Chew gum.
  • Brush your teeth more often.
  • Divert attention from the desire to smoke to other activities such as reading, watching movies, or recreation and sports.
  • Go to places that do not allow you to smoke.

Prevent Extra Weight Gain

Weight gain after quitting smoking can be overcome with exercise and a healthy eating pattern so that the calories burned become equal or even exceed those burned when smoking. The following are some ways that can be followed:

Healthy eating patterns

Quitting smoking is already a hard thing, especially for addicts. Avoid changing your diet drastically when or after you stop smoking. As a first step, enough to consume foods rich in nutrients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Exercise regularly

Exercise can prevent weight gain by burning calories, while reducing your desire to smoke. Exercise can also reduce complaints due to nicotine withdrawal symptoms that often arise at the beginning of a period of quitting smoking. Try to exercise with a total duration of approximately 2.5 to 4 hours a week. You can choose swimming, walking, biking, or any other sport you like.

Maintain positive thoughts

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s okay to gain a little weight after stopping smoking. This risk is much smaller than the improvement in the long-term health conditions that you will get. Once you stop smoking, your body will return to normal work patterns and you have more chance to burn calories.

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