The health of the female sex organ or vagina affects many things. Among other fertility, sex life and a woman’s ability to reach orgasm. Problems in the sex organs have the opportunity to cause disease, also affect social life, such as loss of self-confidence and stress.

At first glance the vagina only looks like a small organ that is easily treated. However, when viewed further, the vagina is directly related to the cervix and uterus. This organ is more complex or complicated than it looks. Therefore, care must be carried out appropriately.

Don't Ignore, This is the Right Way to Take Care of Women's Intimate Organs

Cleanse thoroughly

So that sex organs do not experience problems, learn and do the right way to clean female sex organs, like the following:

  • After urinating (defecating) or defecating (defecating), wash with clean water from front to back, so that no bacteria from the anus that enters the vagina. If possible, wash with warm water. After that, dry using a towel, so the area is not damp.
  • Avoid cleaning the vagina using a soap containing fragrance. In some women, deodorizers trigger irritation of the vagina.
  • When using wipes to dry the vagina, choose soft wipes. Avoid using coarse tissue paper because it has the potential to cause skin irritation in the area, pay attention so that the tissue fibers do not remain attached to the surface of the vagina, because it can cause itching and become one of the means by which bacteria and fungus develop due to damp.
  • During menstruation, choose pads that do not contain fragrance. Replace pads immediately when it’s time. Do not delay.
  • The use and care of underwear also must be considered. Wear underwear made of cotton so that it absorbs sweat and is comfortable.
  • Women’s underwear models thongs or g-strings do make you feel sexy, however, the material and shape can irritate the vagina and do not have good absorption, so you should avoid using this model so that the health of the vaginal area is more protected.
  • Caring for underwear also affects the health of female sex organs. Wash the newly bought underwear, before wearing it.
  • When washing underwear, use mild soap, without detergent content. After that, rinse thoroughly. Remnants of soap on underwear also have the potential to cause vaginal problems.
  • Avoid wearing tight underwear because it will interfere with air circulation in the area of ​​female sex organs.
  • Take care before trying traditional treatments, such as hundred and vaginal gurah.

Need Special Cleaning Liquid?

The vagina is actually an organ that has the ability to clean itself through vaginal fluid, and make no mistake, the vagina has a lot of bacteria that are protecting the area of ​​female sex organs. Lactobacilli type bacteria must remain balanced, both in quantity and quality. These bacteria will create an acidic atmosphere (pH) in the vagina that is fixed at 4.5. In addition, natural antibiotics produced by these bacteria are used to block bad bacteria that may be invading the vaginal area.

Liquid cleaning the female sex organs can indeed clean the vaginal area. Unfortunately, this liquid really cleanses everything, including bacteria that are normally present in the female sex organs, which are responsible for protecting the vagina.

In addition, so far there have been no studies that prove that vaginal cleaning fluid can protect female sex organs from infection. Conversely, this product might increase the risk of infection.

Be Wary of the Causes of Female Intimate Organ Disorders

Many things that cause female sex organs disturb the disorder. In addition to routinely doing the right way in cleaning and caring for female sex organs, you must also be aware of the following causes of vaginal disorders:

  • Hormonal changes

    In women who are about to menopause, the hormone estrogen will be reduced. Changes in hormone levels affect the female sex organs. The vaginal lining will thin out, and the production of vaginal fluid that serves as a lubricant will also be reduced, so that when having sex will feel painful.

  • Sex problems

    If you make certain sex moves that are forced and are too strong, or an injury to the pelvis, can make the vagina feel uncomfortable. The occurrence of sexually transmitted infections can also cause discomfort, even pain during sexual intercourse, or afterwards.

  • Stress

    Do not think stress has nothing to do with health in female sex organs. When you are stressed out because of anxiety or depression, the desire to have sex is reduced or even completely gone. As a result, if you continue to have sex, the vagina will hurt.

  • Contraception

    Contraceptives such as condoms, or various types of spermicides, can irritate the vagina, especially in women who have high sensitivity or are allergic to these ingredients. As a result, the female sex organs are painful or uncomfortable.

Taking care to maintain the cleanliness and health of female sex organs cannot be done only occasionally. Perform routine maintenance, accompanied by a healthy lifestyle to maintain optimal health.

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