Eating instant noodles is certainly no stranger to most people, including in Indonesia. With good taste, easy to serve, and affordable prices, this fast food has become a favorite menu.

Instant noodles are usually sold in dry form that is equipped with seasoning in the form of powder and oil in separate packages. How to cook instant noodles is boiling with boiling water or there is a portion that is enough to soak them in hot water. However, did you know that there is a danger of instant noodles behind the enjoyment?

Don't Ignore the Danger of Instant Noodle

Understand the Dangers of Instant Noodle

Do not fall asleep while enjoying the delicious instant noodles. You also need to understand the various dangers of this food, especially if consumed in excessive amounts.

  • Not a good source of nutrition

  • Instant noodles are often referred to as unhealthy foods because of their high carbohydrate and fat content, but are low in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Research has proven that frequent consumption of instant noodles means letting the body get poor quality food. Furthermore, instant noodles can pose a risk of metabolic syndrome. This syndrome will increase your chances of having heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

  • High in carbohydrates and sodium / sodium

  • Instant noodles served with instant broth usually have a high salt or sodium content. One package of instant noodles can contain around 860 mg of sodium. This amount is not added to other foods that contain sodium, which you consume on the same day. Whereas the recommended intake of sodium per day is no more than 2,000-2,400 mg (equivalent to 5-6 grams of salt).

  • Contains MSG

  • The use of MSG (monosodium glutamate) which works to improve the taste of instant noodles to be saltier, sweeter, or sour also has health risks. MSG can trigger allergic reactions with symptoms of pain in the chest, sweating, palpitations, and headaches). High sodium content and MSG from instant noodles are recommended to be avoided by hypertension sufferers, diuretic drug users, and users of several types of antidepressant drugs and patients with congestive heart failure.

  • Pay attention to the packaging

  • Another thing to note when discussing the dangers of instant noodles is the packaging. There are instant noodles that are packed with ingredients that use Styrofoam which contains the chemical bisphenol A (BPA). BPA can interfere with the workings of hormones, affect brain development in infants and children, and inhibit behavior. For adults, the risk of increasing heart disease.

Minimizing the Effects of Instant Noodles

If you consider the unbalanced nutritional content of instant noodles plus complementary ingredients that are at risk for health, you should limit consumption of instant noodles.

In an effort to balance nutrition in the instant noodle dish, you can add some additional ingredients, such as eggs, chicken, mushrooms, carrots, beans, cabbage, and other natural ingredients. If possible, do not use whole seasoning. Limit only half the amount because instant noodles contain MSG and lots of salt.

If you often consume instant noodles, consider immediately reducing them to avoid the danger of instant noodles lurking. Increase consumption of foods with balanced nutritional content, supplemented by healthy lifestyles such as not smoking and regular exercise.

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