Taking cold medicine for nursing mothers needs to be careful. When breastfeeding, whatever you consume can have an impact on the baby too. Then, is it safe to take cold medicine for nursing mothers who are sick? Check out the following review.

Given the risks that can be obtained by the baby, the mother can face the Simalakama fruit. If left untreated, the baby is at risk of contracting the same disease and can become a significant health problem due to his immunity.

Do not immediately take cold medicine for breastfeeding mothers

Luckily, breastfeeding when sick actually gives a strengthening effect for the baby’s immunity. Children will automatically get antibodies or immune substances from the mother through breast milk which will be very useful to ward off the disease that is being suffered by the mother.

In order to recover quickly, breastfeeding mothers need to meet the needs of rest and fluid intake to support the immune system, and maintain normal body temperature and not lack of fluids.

How to Choose a Flu Drug that is Safe for Mothers and Babies

Avoid using over-the-counter medicines without consulting a doctor. Even though the dosage is small, the consumption of haphazard drugs without regard to the ingredients and indications is not good for you and your baby. Herbal remedies should also not be done because the safety of herbal medicines is still unproven.

Avoid taking a combination of drugs consisting of several types, for example, which is used to treat colds and headaches. Also avoid drugs that are ‘sustained released’ or work in stages, because the longer the drug will be digested by the body. This will result in less good for the baby because of the potential affected by the drug.

You can also use balm to warm the body when it catches a cold. For the safety of your child, make sure you do not apply the material to parts of the body that come into direct contact with the baby, such as the chest and breasts.

It also aims to prevent balm eaten by babies.

To find out which brands of cold medicine for breastfeeding mothers are safe, be sure to contact your doctor and read all the information and rules of use listed on the drug packaging.
Anticipating Transmission Through Physical Contact with Infants

Even though you have the flu, mothers should not avoid the obligation to breastfeed a child. Mothers can do a number of things so that the process of breastfeeding is not accompanied by the transfer of a prickly disease to her baby.

So that the baby does not catch the flu that is being suffered by the mother, the following steps can be done.

  • Don’t sneeze in front of the baby. Use a mask during illness.
  • Washing hands with soap every time you breastfeed.
  • Put a clean blanket on the baby when you lap it.
  • Do not share cutlery, such as cups, plates and bowls.
  • Clean your breasts with warm water and soap when you want to breastfeed.

Even if you have a cold, you don’t need to be afraid to continue breastfeeding your baby. Because babies will actually get antibodies to the disease that you are suffering from the milk that you give. Immediately consult a doctor to get a cold medicine for breastfeeding mothers that is safe, including for the baby.

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