Homosexuals are not caused by mental disorders. But, being a homosexual can run the risk of mentally experiencing you as a result of discrimination and bullying.

Homosexual is a term for people who are attracted personally, emotionally, or sexually to people of the same sex. If the person is male, then generally known as ‘gay’, while if the woman is ‘lesbian’.

Determinants of Someone Being Homosexual

There is no definitive agreement that researchers believe in determining the cause of people being homosexual. Researchers generally believe that a person’s sexual orientation is determined by a combination of various factors, including environmental, cultural, emotional, hormonal, and biological. So every person who becomes homosexual must be influenced by different backgrounds.

Although it still requires further research, homosexuals are thought to be more common in men who have male siblings, even though they were not raised together. These data indicate the possibility that homosexuality could be caused by an excess of a male hormone called androgen when the fetus is still in its infancy. While other causes, such as a family background that is not harmonious or parenting in childhood, is still not proven.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) state that homosexuality is not a condition due to mental disorders. Likewise the Guidelines for the Classification and Diagnosis of Mental Disorders III Edition (PPDGJ III) published by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in 1993, states that sexual orientation is not a disorder.

However, homosexuals are not free from problems in social interaction because of prejudice, stigma, and discrimination, so it is not uncommon for homosexuals to choose to hide it.

For now, it can be concluded that a person’s sexual orientation is determined by the contribution of various factors. Environmental and social factors are thought to play the most role in determining a person’s sexual orientation. A history of sexual harassment may play a role but does not necessarily cause a person to be gay or lesbian.

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