Shisha or also called hookah is a Middle Eastern style of tobacco smoking. The way smoking a shisha is different from smoking a tobacco cigarette in general. Shisha uses a tube or pipe filled with water with a container as a place of smoke, bowls, pipes, and hoses. Inside the tube, there is a tobacco that is made specifically and heated with added fruit flavor. Shisha tubes are also equipped with a hose to inhale the smoke they produce.

Currently, the shisha smoking trend is being loved by the community and has become part of the association. Its fruit-smelling smoke makes people curious to try it. Finally, smoking ‘fruits’ was made a choice with reasons more healthy than smoking regular tobacco. They also consider shisha smoke harmless because all the poisons in tobacco have been absorbed by water. In fact, shisha also contains many of the same health risks as cigarettes.

Dangers of Smoking Shisha

What are Shisha Contents?

Like cigarettes, shisha contains tobacco and other toxic substances such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, and lead. Although the ingredients are the same, it turns out that shisha smoke is more toxic than tobacco cigarettes. When compared to a tobacco cigarette, shisha smoke contains arsenic and nickel which is higher, tar content 36 times higher, and carbon monoxide 15 times higher.

Smoking shisha usually takes longer than smoking tobacco, so that the nicotine content and cancer-causing substances that enter the lungs are higher.

An hour of smoking a shisha is the same as smoking 40 to 400 cigarettes using regular cigarettes, depending on the depth of the sniff and how long you smoke the shisha.

Danger Shisha

By knowing the poison content in each puff, it is not surprising that smoking shisha can cause many health problems that cannot be underestimated. Because shisha smokers can absorb toxins higher than ordinary cigarettes. Here are some health risks that can be experienced by shisha smokers, including:

  • Various types of cancer, such as oral cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, and bladder cancer
  • Heart disease.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Peripheral vascular disease.
  • Infection.
  • Shisha tubes and hoses used by shisha providers can not be cleaned properly. It can facilitate the spread of infectious diseases, such as colds, flu, and oral herpes.
  • Pregnant women are at risk of having a low birth weight baby and the baby can be born with respiratory ailments.
  • Causing reduced fertility.

Stop Smoking Shisha Right Now

Tobacco is a killer. People who smoke or use tobacco in other forms are more likely to get sick and die faster than people who don’t use tobacco. After knowing the contents of the shisha that has been described previously, it turns out shisha are not as safe as initially thought.

So, stop smoking shisha habits and start to do healthier activities. Some of these things you can do to help you stop smoking shisha, for example:

  • Perform physical activities, such as sports.
    Exercising can help limit weight gain and also helps in dealing with the urge to smoke. Moderate physical activity, especially aerobic exercise, can reduce the desire to smoke. Exercise is also useful to divert your mind from the desire to smoke, improve mood, and can also cope with stress. You can exercise with family, partner or even with friends. You can also do various types of sports that you like, such as swimming, cycling, playing basketball, and others.
  • Positive thinking.
    Strengthen the determination to stop smoking, whether smoking shisha or ordinary cigarettes. Always try to think positively and don’t let your determination to stop smoking disappear.
  • Ask for support
    In addition to asking for the support of family and friends, you can also seek support from other parties, such as joining a special group of people who want to overcome the addiction to shisha and conventional cigarettes. Through this group you will get various information about the adverse effects of shisha and cigarettes. Not only that, you can also exchange stories with other members.
  • Join friends who don’t smoke.
    Try to keep your hands and mouth busy or doing activities. Like chewing gum, holding a drink bottle, or drinking with a straw. Don’t leave your hands and mouth out of activity, because that will allow you to smoke again.

Most shisha lovers are young people who are afraid to smoke tobacco. They consider shisha more secure, coupled with social demands. However, shisha smoking is worse than regular smoking. You don’t need to be afraid of being shunned by friends because you are considered not to be ‘hanging around’ or not keeping up with the times by smoking shisha. Remember that your health is far more important.

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