One procedure that can be taken in order to help other couples get offspring is to do a sperm donation. Sperm donation can be interpreted as the act of a man who donates semen containing sperm

Donated sperm will be used to help a pregnant woman through the process of artificial insemination. This procedure is carried out by inserting a small container containing donor sperm into the vagina when the recipient woman is in the fertile period for fertilization to occur. Fertilization can also be done through IVF procedures.

Consider the Following Before You Want a Sperm Donor

But based on the rules in Indonesia, sperm donation cannot be done. Couples who need sperm donors from other people must go abroad because Indonesian law does not allow couples to accept donors from men who are not their partners.

Seeing these rules, it is difficult for men if they want to donate their sperm in Indonesia. However, this intention is not impossible at all. Men can do it abroad or in a country that allows this to happen.

Some Requirements Required for Donors

There are many requirements that must be met when a man will donate his sperm. Here are some criteria that must be met to donate sperm:

  • Basic inspection

  • This is done to determine certain risk factors and infectious diseases that may be infected.
    Examination of seminal fluid
    The officer may ask for some samples of semen from sperm donors. For this reason, donors are asked not to ejaculate for the previous two to five days. After that a thorough examination of sperm will be carried out, such as the quantity, quality, and movement of sperm.

  • Age

  • Donated sperm usually comes from men aged between 18-39 years. Some clinics or sperm banks determine 34 years as the donor’s maximum age. However, there is research that shows if the age of sperm donors does not affect the success of sperm fertilizing eggs, but the quality of sperm.

  • Physical health

  • Evaluation of the health of sperm donors will be done thoroughly. Blood tests and urine tests will be done to ensure that donors are free of disease. Even for men who routinely donate their sperm, a strict examination is still done at least every 6 months.

  • Genetic testing

  • This test is done through a blood sample given by a donor. The blood sample will then be analyzed whether the donor has a congenital disease or not.

  • Family history

  • To ensure there are no diseases or genetic disorders, donors must attach a family history of illness, up to a minimum of two previous generations.

  • Personal history and sexual behavior

  • Lifestyle will also be reviewed related to risky behavior that can invite diseases, such as HIV. Several behaviors were assessed, including drug abuse and sexual behavior. Other personal pictures that are also informed concerning habits, hobbies, education, and interests.

After going through a series of tests, sperm that pass the feasibility test will then be frozen and quarantined for some time, usually at least six months. Sperm will be tested for sexually transmitted diseases before being removed from quarantine and used for therapy.

Things to Look For Sperm Donor Providers

If a man is really ready to do a sperm donation, he can go to the clinic that serves it. He can do this either anonymously or openly, alias is willing to reveal his identity to the recipient donor. Donors can also directly give their sperm to certain couples. This is usually done if the donor and donor recipient already know each other.

It is important to remember, the legal agreement will abolish the right of sperm donors as fathers to their biological children later. But for those who donate their sperm with people who already know each other, the rights of donors and recipients of donors can be stated in an agreement agreed by both parties.

In addition to being legally prepared, the man who donates his sperm must also pay attention to some psychological problems that may arise. Readiness to be the father of a child or maybe even some children who may never be met, needs to be considered. This condition occurs if the sperm donor is done anonymously or the donor does not know who the donor recipient is.

It is possible if one day the donor meets his biological child. Mental and emotional readiness must be considered in dealing with this situation. It could be that the child will accept or reject his biological father.

Another thing that is no less important is involving the family in making the decision to become a sperm donor. Families can provide psychological support, especially if there are problems that occur in the future.

Apart from the polemic behind the sperm donor phenomenon, this step might be the last solution. Especially for couples who have taken many methods but have not yet managed to get a baby.

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