No need to spend a lot of time and money in the salon to take care of your hair. Hair care that is simple and effective and does not drain the bag turns out you can do it yourself at home. For example, you can make natural hair masks at home.

Shampoo and conditioner alone can not be enough to care for your ‘crown’. More action is needed to treat it, especially for those of you who have damaged hair. Wearing a hair mask, at least once a week, can help naturally moisturize and beautify your hair.

Come on, Make Your Own Natural Hair Mask at Home

What are the ingredients for making a hair mask?

To make a natural hair mask at home, you need to prepare ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil and eggs.

  • Coconut oil

  • Coconut is a vegetable material that has molecules that are small enough to be able to penetrate into the center of the hair. This action cannot be performed by hair conditioners. Conditioner products work by coating the outer layer of hair cuticles with silicone. These actions only make the hair feel smooth and moist but the inside of the hair is not really treated so that damage can still occur.

    By applying coconut oil, the inner layers of your hair can be stronger and more hydrated. To get the best benefits, we recommend using virgin coconut oil that has not been hydrogenated, plus fragrances and coloring or other processing.

  • Olive oil

  • Not only good for body health, olive oil can also have a positive effect if used on the scalp and hair. By applying an olive oil mask, you can get radiant, tangle-free hair and healthy scalp. Not only that, olive oil is also believed to be a solution if you have head lice.

  • Egg

  • This food can actually help beautify your hair. This high-protein hair treatment is perfect for those of you who have dry and damaged hair.
    How to make?

To process it into a hair mask, you can mix all the ingredients in one container in the following measure.

  • Three tablespoons of virgin coconut oil.
  • Four tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Foods that contain protein, such as pure gelatin as much as 5 teaspoons or one egg yolk.

If the material is available, you can make it in the following steps:

  • Pour all the ingredients into a bowl. Stir until all ingredients are well mixed and make a hair mask.
  • Apply the hair mask to the head and make sure it is evenly distributed throughout the hair. For maximum results, use a mask when conditions dry hair.
  • Cover hair using a head wrap or shower cap. Let stand for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with warm water or lukewarm.

For a simpler way, you can just use coconut oil or olive oil as a hair mask. How to make the oil as a mask is quite easy, namely:

  • Pour enough oil into the palm of your hand then rub briefly to create warmth in the oil.
  • Apply enough oil to all parts of the head and hair. Give a gentle massage so that nutrients are well absorbed.
  • Let stand for 10 to 30 minutes before rinsing.

For those who do this treatment at night before going to bed, silence the mask until the morning before it is also allowed. But to avoid spotting oil on your pillow and bed, tie your hair and then cover it with a head wrap.

What you need to pay attention to after treatment with this oil-containing mask is the process of washing your hair, because logically oil and water are difficult to unite. You can wash your hair with baby shampoo, then rinse. Then just wash your hair again with the usual shampoo. No need to use conditioner, because with this treatment your hair is well hydrated.

Balance with Nutrition from Food

Wearing a hair mask regularly can help you get healthy and beautiful hair. However, also accompanied by nutritional intake from the inside, such as eating foods that are good for hair. Food choices that can make healthy hair are salmon, green vegetables, and beans.

As much as possible avoid using hair dryers, curlers, curlers or chemicals that can damage the hair such as hair dye, hair straighteners or hair curlers. If that can’t be avoided, you should wear a hair mask more often to maintain good health and moisture.

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