A warm massage from your hand can provide many benefits for your little one. But before doing baby massage, there are some things that need to be considered so that your massage does not hurt her tiny body.

Massaging the baby must be done with full tenderness. While massaging, you can invite your child to talk or sing so that he can enjoy more time together with you.

Come on, Learn How to Massage the Baby Right

Massage for the massage you give is not only getting closer to your bond with your baby. There are many benefits of baby massage that can be felt by the Little One, such as:

  • Help him sleep soundly.
  • Can make it relax. This effect can also be felt by you.
  • Make babies rarely cry and soothe baby’s cries.
  • Reducing tooth pain when your baby’s teeth grow.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Increase body weight.
  • Smooth digestion.
  • Supports the strength of the muscles and bones of the Little One.
  • Support mental, physical, and social development.
  • If your child is born with jaundice, massage may be able to make it recover faster.

Preparations Before Massaging Babies

Make sure you provide a room with a warm temperature (around 24 degrees Celsius), with a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Then prepare all the tools you need when massaging the baby, such as towels or baby bedding (swaddling cloths or perlak), oil for massage. (It is recommended to use baby oil or olive oil), clean clothes, and diapers. Wash your hands before doing baby massage.

Begin Action!

After all the equipment is ready and the baby’s condition allows for a massage, you can practice baby massage that starts from:

  • Legs

  • Start giving a massage from the leg, the groin to the bottom. This area is considered less sensitive so it is good to start a massage. Pour a little oil into the palm of your hand, then rub until it feels warm in your hand. After that, gently massage the thighs downwards and down to the calf area.

    Afterwards you can start massaging the backs of your feet with circular movements. You can give a small stroke when massaging the ankle to the toes. Then switch to the sole of the foot. Use your thumb when massaging this area, do a circular motion to massage.

    Finally, you can massage his fingers. Take each finger using your thumb and index finger, then pull gently. Do the ten fingers.

  • Arm

  • After massaging the legs, switch to the arms. Start the massage from the upper arm to the wrist. Arriving at the wrist, gently rotate this section several times.

    Then massage the palm of your hand using your thumb. End this session by gently massaging his fingers.

  • Chest

  • Put your hands on your baby’s chest. Then gently massage outwards by gently pressing on his chest using the palm of your hand. Repeat this movement several times. Then, place one hand on the top of his chest, then massage gently toward the thigh.

  • Back

  • Position your baby in a prone state, then massage the spinal area, from the neck to the buttocks, using your fingertips. End the baby’s massage with a long massage from shoulder to foot.

    When finished, you can put on a diaper and clothes, and hug her. You can also continue by feeding it. After a massage, your little one will probably fall asleep quickly.

Things to note

The best time to do baby massage is when he is awake, but with calm conditions. Make sure the baby is not too hungry or full when you give him a massage.

Avoid massaging him when he will be asleep during nap. You can massage it and make it a routine activity before going to bed at night. This is useful to make him sleep more soundly. Scheduling a baby massage after bathing can also be tried.

In order for your baby to enjoy this baby massage activities to the full, pay attention to all the cues issued by him. This signal can be a signal whether he likes your massage or not. Stop the massage immediately if your child starts crying because it is a sign that he has had enough with your massage.

You can take a special baby massage class to find out how to provide massage that will benefit the baby further. Ask your child nurse or midwife about the location of the nearest clinic that has a baby massage class schedule that you can attend.

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