Choosing shampoo is not an easy matter. Hair types can vary from person to person, this makes you have to be selective in choosing products for your crown, especially shampoo. Choice of shampoo to suit your scalp and hair needs.

An expensive shampoo is not necessarily better and right for you. Know your hair needs and don’t just believe in shampoo advertisements. To find the shampoo that works best for hair and scalp, you can read the contents listed on the label and try several brands.

Choosing the Right Shampoo

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Shampoo and Hair Types

Basically all shampoos contain two types of ingredients, namely cleansers and softeners. The percentage and ingredients in a type of shampoo are adjusted to the type of hair and scalp that matches the shampoo.

The first step in knowing which shampoo is right for you is to identify hair types and problems. Is your hair oily, normal, dry or colored? Each shampoo offers different ingredients and benefits, so you should choose a shampoo that suits your hair needs.

The following types of hair and shampoo and the appropriate ingredients:

  • Dry hair

    Dry hair is generally caused because your scalp cannot produce enough oil on the scalp to moisturize your hair. Dry hair will make it difficult to manage. The right shampoo for this type of hair usually contains natural oils that function as a moisturizer. In the content label on the shampoo packaging, you can look for ingredients such as coconut oil, avocados, argan, or grape seeds. Choose a shampoo made from soft which is made specifically to help hair dry, and contains a little detergent or cleaner. In addition, choose hair products that do not contain alcohol, because alcohol can make your hair dry. After using the shampoo, don’t forget to add a conditioner that can keep the hair base moist.

  • Oily hair

    Oily hair is caused by an overactive oil gland. Avoid products that contain oil or too much moisturizer. This type of hair often has another problem, namely dandruff. You can handle it with shampoo containing selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, or zinc pyrithione. Choose shampoos that are specially formulated to control oil glands. Wash hair sufficiently. Too often or rarely do the hair washing can contribute to oil and cause hair to become oily, you can wash your hair every 1-2 days. Also, don’t use oil-based hair products.

  • Hair that has been dyed

    For colored hair, there is a special shampoo that is made to help your hair color last a long time. Shampoo with acidity or pH between 4.5-5.5 is believed to help maintain hair color from fading. If these levels are not listed on the shampoo packaging, you can try searching for them online by typing the brand shampoo and “ph level.” Shampoo with oil and seaweed content is also believed to protect hair color.

  • Thin hair

    Use a shampoo that contains panthenol which is useful to increase hair. Choosing a shampoo labeled ‘volumizing’ suitable for those with thin hair. You can look for products that contain protein, which are useful to help coat hair and make each strand look thicker and more numerous. Use conditioner after washing hair, and only on the ends of the hair. The use of too much conditioner can make thin hair look very limp and not volume.

Be careful using shampoo

Do not easily believe the various promotions offered by shampoo manufacturers. There is no shampoo that will instantly solve your hair problems. Using a shampoo with a cleansing agent that is too strong can actually make hair lose sebum or hair’s natural oils. Shampooing too often can also result in loss of natural hair moisture.

Also make sure your shampoo contains formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane, and diethanolamine cocamide (cocamide DEA) in safe or even no limits. These chemicals are classified as dangerous because they can trigger cancer and could be found in several brands of shampoo in excessive levels.

By choosing the right shampoo for your hair needs, your hair will be better protected and your scalp health is maintained.

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