Pregnant women who have diarrhea should be treated immediately so that it does not have a negative impact on health, especially in the unborn baby. To overcome this, diarrhea medication is needed for appropriate pregnant women.

You are said to have diarrhea if you defecate in a day in the form of watery stool, three or more times. Generally diarrhea in pregnant women occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy, although not all pregnant women experience it.

Causes and Medication for Diarrhea for Pregnant Women

What are the Causes of Diarrhea in Pregnant Women?

Diarrhea can occur due to changes in conditions in pregnant women, such as hormonal changes, food intake, and body condition. The following explanation.

  • Hormonal changes

  • Besides being able to cause constipation, hormonal changes can also accelerate the digestive system of pregnant women. This condition might cause diarrhea.

  • Changes in intake

  • In order to maintain nutritional intake for the fetus, many women make changes in diet and type of food when pregnant. These changes can make the digestive tract disturbed and cause diarrhea. In addition to changing diet, some pregnancy vitamin intake can also cause diarrhea.

  • Changes in gastrointestinal sensitivity to food

  • This change might make your digestive tract more sensitive or sensitive to foods that do not have a negative effect when you consume before pregnancy, so that it can cause diarrhea in pregnant women.

In addition to causes related to pregnancy, diarrhea in pregnant women can also be caused by food poisoning, bacterial, viral, intestinal parasitic infections, and certain conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and colitis.

How to deal with diarrhea in pregnant women

Pregnant women should not consume anything, including drugs. So avoid consuming over-the-counter medicines without a doctor’s prescription. After all, other causes are different drugs. For example, if diarrhea is caused by bacteria or parasites, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics. However, antibiotics are not suitable if diarrhea is caused by a virus.

Proper diarrhea medication for pregnant women can only be obtained after you consult a doctor. Before giving a prescription, the doctor will do a physical examination and possibly a supporting examination, such as a blood test or ultrasound, to find out the cause.

Most diarrhea can resolve on its own within a few days. However, during diarrhea, make sure the body does not lack of fluids to avoid dehydration during pregnancy. For that, consume lots of water or interspersed with juice to replace vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes lost, and keep the body hydrated, help digestive health, while reducing the risk of premature birth.

If you want to consume ORS or diarrhea for pregnant women, be sure to follow the rules of use and consult with your doctor first.

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