During this time, the benefits of vitamin E are known to treat and overcome various skin problems. Not just fixated on that, now many are using vitamin E to overcome fertility problems in men.

Vitamin E is an important nutrient that can support the performance of many organs of the body. This substance also has an antioxidant effect that can slow the body’s cells from damage. Even so, the benefits of vitamin E supplements that have been linked to skin and fertility still require further research.

Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin and Fertility

Commonly Known Benefits of Vitamin E

For years we have heard that the antioxidants found in vitamin E can make skin healthier or overcome various conditions related to skin. Some beauty product manufacturers have finally added vitamin E to the composition of their products. But apparently, the trust that has been circulating in this community has not been fully proven medically.

The following explanation is further:


    Surely you have often seen various creams or anti-aging supplements that contain vitamin E as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are indeed excellent in the world of beauty because it is said to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. Some studies have indeed found the health benefits of antioxidants. But the benefits of anti-aging vitamin E in supplement form are still unproven.

    Sunburned skin

    Eating or applying vitamin E alone has not really been proven to prevent your skin from burning after exposure to sunlight.

    Scar after surgery

    Some studies have found that applying vitamin E cannot reduce postoperative scars. Further research is still needed on the benefits of vitamin E in surgical scars.

    Red and itchy skin (eczema)

    Taking vitamin E has not shown an effective effect in treating the skin condition of people with eczema.

    Skin cancer (melanoma)

    There are not enough strong scientific results in proving the effects of vitamin E can prevent melanoma skin cancer.

The True Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also thought to overcome male fertility because the antioxidants contained in it are thought to improve the quality of sperm damaged by free radicals. Research shows that supplementation containing selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C can improve sperm quality and movement.

In addition, the benefits of vitamin E in supplement form can be truly felt by people who have vitamin E deficiency conditions. In fact, vitamin E deficiency conditions are actually rare. Even if it happens, it is more experienced by those who are on a very low-fat diet, have digestive disorders, genetic disorders, premature babies with very low body weight, and suffer from cystic fibrosis.

Take Vitamin E Supplements Correctly

The use of vitamin E should not be arbitrary because consumption that does not follow the rules can have a negative impact on the body. The following procedures for using vitamin E:

    Don’t overdo the dosage

    Vitamin E may not be safe if taken in high doses equivalent to 400 IU or more, because excessive vitamin E can cause poisoning of vitamin E. The recommended daily dose of vitamin E is 22.4 IU (for ages 14 years and over).

    Excessive doses can also cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, fatigue, headaches, bruises, rashes, bleeding and blurred vision.

    Avoid taking it together with a multivitamin

    Vitamin E should not be taken together with other multivitamins that contain fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, and K in excessive amounts. The excess vitamin can cause vitamin poisoning which is harmful to the body.

    Not everyone is friendly with vitamin E

    There are several groups of people who are advised to avoid vitamin E or at least consult first before taking vitamin E supplements, such as pregnant women, patients who will undergo surgery, sufferers of stroke, lack of vitamin K, experience bleeding, have blood clotting disorders, or are taking medications. certain drugs, such as blood-thinning drugs.

So in conclusion, the benefits of vitamin E in overcoming skin problems and treating certain diseases is still not certain, because there are still pros and cons in the results of the study.

Taking vitamin E in natural form is more recommended than processed vitamin E. The benefits of vitamin E can be found foods that contain vitamin E, such as egg yolks, tofu, spinach, peanuts, soybeans, almonds, avocados, shrimp, pumpkin, broccoli, and sunflower seed oil.

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