It’s a pleasure to have pets. Sharing time with pets can provide positive energy for your mood and health.

Research shows a number of advantages of memiara animals that can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, boost the immune system or immune system, and overcome loneliness. However, you also need to consider the risk of holding animals in order to stay alert.

Benefits of Animal Breeding and the Risks

If properly cared for and trained, pets can be friends who help humans to stay healthy. But on the other hand, if not guarded, monkey animals at risk of causing adverse effects on health, such as carrying parasites that cause disease.

Benefits of Having a Pet

Memiara animals bring many benefits, both in terms of psychological and health. This positive effect can not only be felt by adults, but also the elderly, children, and also sufferers of certain diseases.

    Boosts immunity

    The immune system of people who have pets is better than those who don’t.

    Better immunity is also formed in children who grow up in domestic environments with pets. Contrary to popular belief, recent research reveals that toddlers raised in homes with pets tend to be more protected from allergies, asthma and eczema, which are skin allergies that cause itching and redness.

    Make the mind happy and relieve stress

    Playing with pets can be a fun activity that increases levels of dopamine and serotonin which are soothing and happy for the mind.

    Just looking at a pet fish in an aquarium can relieve tension and stress. In addition, memiara animals can also make people avoid feelings of loneliness that can trigger or worsen physical or psychological diseases such as depression.

    By memiara animals, children who have learning difficulties can manage stress and learn to calm down. Other research shows that the presence of pets at home makes the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease tend to feel more relaxed.

    Friends move actively

    Leaving or playing with pets also encourages you to move actively. This activity is an appropriate alternative if you are reluctant to exercise. Playing ball with cats, walking with dogs, or cleaning fish ponds can be fun activities while making the body healthy. People with heart disease can also move actively and improve heart function when playing with pets.

    Social interactions

    Based on research, children with autism can also interact better if there are pets around them. Conversely, when having pets, children will be more empathetic and show affection to their friends.

    Leveraging pets can also make you more likely to have new social relationships, especially with fellow people who love the same animals. This interaction can be carried out by anyone, whether you are lying sick, through the internet, or when you are exercising while carrying a pet. Strong friendships and social support will make you healthier as an individual.

Possible Risks of Having a Pet

In addition to bringing benefits, animal selection requires responsibility and commitment and can bring changes that are not necessarily positive for the conditions at home, and the risk of causing the possibility of disease. In elderly people who live alone, animals are also at risk of causing injury if no one is watching them.

To avoid the risk of spreading the disease, make sure your pet gets vaccinated and examined before being taken home. If not, in addition to their own potential for disease, you and your family at home will also be at risk of contracting bacteria, viruses, or parasites in their bodies. The following are some of the risks of disease that may arise from pets.


    Beware if your pet starts scratching himself often. That can be a sign of lice that begin to multiply on the skin. Lice that are left can roam or live and lay eggs between folds of items at home such as sofas and pillows. Apart from causing itching on human skin, lice can transmit serious diseases such as bubonic plague. Treatment can be done by administering medication or anti-puff powder.


    Worms such as tapeworms and roundworms are common parasites that can develop in the small intestine of animals. Vomiting, diarrhea, and animal weight loss can be symptoms of a worm infection.

    Infected animals can transmit the disease to humans by contaminating soil or sand with worm eggs. Children who play in these areas can become infected if they put their dirty hands in their mouths. In addition, the worms that hatch in the body of an adult can cause damage to body tissues. Injections, medications taken, or topical medications from veterinarians can be the solution to this problem.


    Your family members can get ringworm from animals just by touching their skin or fur. Ringworm can cause red skin, rashes, or circular spots on the skin. Check your pet immediately to the doctor if he has ringworm.

    Injured by scratches / bites

    Even though your pet has been trained and is very friendly, do not leave your child alone with animals. Children who are overly enthusiastic can push or hit animals, and risk being bitten or scratched by pets.


    Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii in cat feces. In general, women who have long been in cats with cats have antibodies against toxoplasmosis. But just in case, it’s good during pregnancy to move the cat to another place or make sure that pregnant women do not take care of cat feces so that they are far from infection and the fetus remains healthy.

Basically, having a pet at home can have positive psychological effects and benefits for the family at home. But to have healthy pets, we as responsible owners must always care for and maintain their health. And before deciding to win a pet, you certainly need a variety of preparations such as preparing the place, cost, food, drink, health, and doctor’s consideration especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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